Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Yes, rejection hurts.  But you can learn to turn that into a learning experience.  Rejection is will always be part of the writing and publishing process.

The best thing you can do after reading a rejection is to sit down at the computer and write.  Prove you can write the book that will get a ‘yes’ from a publisher.  Wallowing in self-pity will do nothing but undermine your confidence and reaching your goal(s).

Do you watch the trends?  Well, most likely by the time you find out there’s a trend – it’s over.  Not really, but in many ways it’s true.  I don’t follow trends . . . I look for the story that moves me and ignites the ‘what if’ . . . ‘what if’ . . . and ‘what if’?

Editors are looking for a polished story that grabs their attention and is fresh and entertaining . . . whether it be humorous or a serious serial killer drama.  They’re looking for a fresh voice.

With the explosion of e-books and the ‘self-published’ writers, there’s a plethora of books needing serious ‘editing’ . . . and I believe we’re going to see serious repercussions – if not soon – later.  Not everything a person writes is worth putting out there. 

Recently a friend of mine called to tell me his book was just released.  I was so excited until he said, “I know it could use some editing – but I was tired of working on it and just wanted to get it published.”   OMG – right!  I had to ask if he self-published.  I wasn’t surprised when he said yes.  I wanted to take back every congratulatory comment’ I muttered.  Why?  It’s like a slap-in-the-face to the authors who’ve worked umpteen hours to get the book right, who’ve jump through the hoops, spent the time and money to learn the craft, and finally have gotten that publisher’s contract.

Now anyone can publish their own book and make it look like it’s from a publisher.  A reader purchases it and says, “That had so many typos, grammatical errors, and flaws – I was angry I spent money on it.”  Egad, is this the wave of the future?  I firmly believe a self-published book should be required to have ‘self-published’ stamped on the cover of their book.    Okay – let me step off my soap-box and continue.

A note: If you’re going to self-publish, be savvy enough to hire a reputable freelance editor to go over your work.  Believe me, one badly written – unpolished book – is the kiss of death to your writing career. 

One last bit of advice – don’t stop writing.  Keep working on your book until you know it’s ready for publishing – but don’t get so hung up on rewriting that you make it a one-book career.  I have a friend who has written … rewritten . . . and rewritten the same book for the past ten years.  It’ll never be done and she’ll never reach her goal of becoming a published author.

If you aspire to be a successful author you must keep writing, keep working, keep trying, and above all you must keep-believing you’ll reach your dream.

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