Thursday, August 21, 2014


We all want to finish that book – or we wouldn’t be reading articles on writing – I get it.  But there’s always that insecurity that nags at us – can I really write a book, and if I do will anyone want to buy it?

No one can really answer that question until you just do it.  Finish that book, rewrite, have it edited and then sent your baby out in the world.  That’s the only way you’re going to know for sure – right?

So many people have written a book because the one they were reading disappointed them to the point they believed they ‘could do better.’  Whatever motivates you – hang on to it!  Let it drive you to writing the best book you can. 

But, here comes some hard truth.  It’s not all that easy. Once you’re sitting in front of that blank, white screen – reality hits.  There’s more to writing than one could imagine.

You might consider studying the art of writing – come on – I’m serious.  Do you think a dancer gets out on the stage without watching successful dancers, going to dance lessons, and practice …practice…practice?

Do you believe you’ve studied the craft and are ready to start typing?  Well, develop your story plot; give it a tentative beginning, middle, and end.  You’ll never create a well-thought out plot if you don’t do a little planning.  Know you can give your characters license to change things as the story unfolds, but a bit of guidance along the way will give you a great first draft. 

Don’t polish it as you go – don’t second-guess yourself -  right now you want to get that story down on paper, type to the finish as fast as you can.  If you get stuck, that’s okay.  You might ask yourself; ‘What would I do –if I was in this predicament?’  

You might do what I do.  I go to bed and let it workout while I sleep.  Yep, I go to bed and think about my story.  I run it through my mind like a movie.  It may sound strange, but when I sit back down at my desk to write – my fingers fly across the keyboard.  My characters have worked out the problem and have thought of more interesting challenges to face.

Keep your chapters about the same length.  I find my pacing is around fifteen pages per chapter – you’ll find your own pacing the more books you write.  Keep in mind when you end a chapter, it should prompt the reader to keep reading.  You don’t want them to put the book down – even for a night.  End those chapters with cliffhangers and keep them reading.

Whatever you do, treat your writing time with the same respect as you do your full-time job.  You’re in charge of what you do in a day, right?  You’ll never finish your
book unless you set goals and stick to them.  Keep writing – and I promise you’ll be soon typing ‘the end.’ 

The self-gratification you’ll feel - will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  You did it!  Celebrate . . . then start the rewrites!

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