Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Page Straight From Jennifer M. Shaw-Dockery - #apagestraightfrom

A Blessing Is In Sight (A Poem from)
Jennifer M. Shaw-Dockery

I was broken into pieces
My life was positively upside down
I was confused and twisted
I didn't know what I had found
My heart was wounded
I couldn't feel no love
I prayed for help from above 
I didn't know which way to turn
I had been treated so badly
I didn't want to keep getting burned
I couldn't feel anything
I couldn't even cry
I didn't know where to go
I didn't know why
Then Jesus stepped in to show me the way
Leading me through my troubles
Helping me start another day
I've been broken so many times
I couldn't shake that kind of pain 
I couldn't show anyone how I felt 
I didn't know what I would gain
I've been broken 
Now I'm back together again 
I knew I could escape it 
I didn't know when
I'm so glad Jesus seen my hurt
He came to rescue me at that time
Because without His help I couldn't have lived
I would have been lost in my confused mind.

Book can be purchased at:
East Side Story
1108 Woodland Street
Unit B
Nashville TN 37206

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