Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Freebits with Ginger #Frifreebits #blogshare

Hooray...its Friday.  Friday Freebits is something I have to look forward to since all other days seeem to blur into one since I've retired.  I'm happy that I decided to do a short-story collection entitled, Discovery, and today I'm sharing six paragraphs from the last story in the book.  Next week, we'll move on to something else.  Just an interesting tidbit...this was one of the best sellers when they were printed individually.

Paging Dr. Jones

With curled fists, [Dr. Jones] he rubbed the tiredness from his eyes and turned to leave, but Catherine stirred.  "Is someone there?"  Her question came out in a choked whisper, but still audible.

He brushed past the curtain and walked closer to her bed.  "Yes, Ms. McGuire.  It's me, Dr. Jones, remember?"

"Am I going to die?"  Her voice trembled.

Unprepared for that question, he curled his fingers back into a fist, sending his nails biting into his palm.  Damn her ex for putting him in this position.  "Ah...Of course not. You're going to be fine.  You might need a few minor surgical procedures, but we have to wait and see how your healing progresses.  By my estimate, you'll make a complete recovery."

He hoped what he told he wasn't a lie.

He patted her hand.  Now, you need to rest you voice and trust me and the hospital staff.  I have another patient to look in on before my shift ends, but I'll be back in the morning.  By then, you'll most likely have been moved to a regular room so someone can keep a closer eye on you.  You're in good hands, here."

So, Catherine has been beaten by her ex-husband and is in the hospital.  How will Dr. Jones figure into her recovery, and is there is Discovery Catherine will make that will change her life?

If you want to find out, you'll have to get your own copy of Discovery on my amazon page.

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