Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rita is hitting the dusty trail...sniff

As I've already mentioned, Rita Karnopp will be leaving the blog, except for the times I can twist her arm to return as a guest, but the good news is that Jamie Hill will be replacing her as my partner.  I've sent Jamie an invite and she'll be adding her stuff to the blog even though Rita is still here and has posted into the month of April.

I know, you as well as I, will miss Rita and her fantastic posts, but at least I can keep in touch with her by phone, text and email.  Don't forget, she'll still have some wonderful reads out there, so keep her in mind when you are making those all important selections.

Help me welcome Jamie Hill.  She's another awesome author with great reads which I'm sure you will learn more about.


Jamie Hill said...

Thanks Ginger, happy to be joining you! We'll all miss Rita's insightful posts, perhaps we can bring her back to do some guest spots.

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

I'll send it again as soon as I get home. Had to take DIL to pick up my son from ER. he's ok.

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