Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Have you ever wanted to write a thriller, but the thought scared you?  Where do you begin?  You want to surprise, even shock your reader . . . it’s all so daunting!

Ask yourself, “What is the driving force for my story?”  For example:  One-by-one members of a gold expedition are dying?  Is it something they ate or have they all been exposed to a deadly virus  . . . or is there a killer among them? 

Give your character license to be good and bad . . . and remember we aren’t perfect – and neither should your characters.  They must make mistakes – and learn from them. 

“You’re looking for a character who’s got the absolute most at stake, and that’s the person who you want your story to be about.” Move your story along by developing your character, chasing the plot, and showing change, challenge, and growth.

Think of plot as a volcanic pit crater – which you drop your character – along with many strangers and/or old friends.  Once they’re inside you can’t have them simply climb out—you should have the mountain shake and cover the entrance with boulders so your character has to figure out how to help everyone safely escape.

Then ask yourself, “Who can my character trust?  Who might he develop a relationship with or even fall in love with?  Who is getting in his way?  Is there something unearthly down there?” . . . it goes on and on. 

Before you know  . . . there are more frightening things going on than you could have imagined!  If it’s scary to write – it’s scary to read!

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