Sunday, April 12, 2015


Well . . . it’s time to admit I need a break.  It’s been a blast blogging here on Dishin’ It Out . . . and I'll miss giving my ‘two cents worth.’  LOL

I’m not saying I’ll never be back . . . one never knows.  I’ve enjoyed the connections I’ve made blogging here. . . and who doesn’t love Ginger?  We were friends before ~ but a great sisterhood has developed between us in our blogging years. 

I’ll miss the articles and Ginger’s great sense of humor . . . but when I get lonely for the connection ~ heck no that won’t happen ~ I’ll just keep reading them from afar!

I’m hoping to stop in now and again to say ‘hi’ . . . maybe promote a book or two!  Time will tell.  Again . . . thank you all for your support, comments, and just friendship.  I’ll miss you all.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Good luck and many sales to you. I'm sure you'll pop in every so often and who knows you might even do a guest blog or two. Ginger is a gem and I know you'll both be in touch. I hope you get to meet her some day. We spent several fub days camping with her and her hubby, and my dogs loved Benny.

Unknown said...

Bye Rita, we will miss your insightful writing posts and your smiling face!

Sydell Voeller said...

Will miss you too, Rita! We all need breaks to recharge our batteries, and you more than deserve it. Meanwhile, I know that Ginger and Jamie will carry on without missing a beat...

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