Sunday, April 5, 2015

::The Perils of Friendship:: by Jason Gracia

I wish to share the following from The Perils of Friendship - by Jason Gracia 

- It’s good advice and makes one think for sure.  Rita

One of my close friends has been trying to eat better. He's cut out the fat--most of it—cut down on those evil carbs, and drinks barrels of Diet Pepsi (two out of three isn't bad.)
Overall, he's making progress. His co-workers are not. They don't want to change. Fast food is their king; crispy chicken, loaded pizza, and hamburgers that ooze with every bite, their

The comments start as soon as he walks in with his homemade lunch. 'Uh oh, Mr. Healthy is here.  What is it today? One leaf of lettuce, or two?'

It grates on his nerves. Every now and then he wonders if it's worth it. 'It would be easier to
just eat with them.'

This scene paints a perfect picture of the problem. People want to fit in so badly that
they'll exchange their own ideas for those of the group.

They don't want to be booted from the tribe. So if your friends don't share your hopes, if they don't want to do or be the things you get excited about, that excitement may soon vanish.
We all want to belong; it's part of being human.  The question, then, is whether all of your
friends are worth belonging to.

If someone in your midst not only disagrees with what you want but also comments, nags, or criticizes, you may have to make a change.

Befriend people who share your interests, your needs, your wants. Your instinct to belong will still be there, but it will drive you forward, not hold you back.


Unknown said...

Interesting post, Rita. I'm also cutting back and my coworkers are nothing but supportive. Guess I'm lucky!

Unknown said...

I should have added, this is true, though, and goes for all types of people and situations. Sometimes we don't even realize it.

Unknown said...

How very true. People I thought were my friends have vanished over the years because I no longer work in the field of interest we shared. However, I have a new passel of friends on FB, have actually met two of them, and people who cling to my image and personality from high school and our common interest still clam me as one of their tribe.

Great post.

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