Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sunday Snippets from Ginger Simpson #sundaysnips

A slight, salty taste lingered in her mouth as she shuddered from the cold and questioned her higher power.  What should she do now? Only an idiot would’ve run out into such weather, and with very little on, to boot. Chilled to the bone, she had nowhere to go but home. On leaden legs, she trudged toward her house. When she opened the front door, the room was dark…no trace of him.  Had he gone to bed?
Katie hurried to the bathroom, trying not to leave a water trail. She shrugged out of her soggy gown and towel-dried her hair, all the while contemplating whether or not to sleep on the sofa.
Why should she be uncomfortable?  She stared through red eyes at her image in the mirror, fluffed her damp locks and lifted her chin.  No way was she giving him the satisfaction of driving her out of her own comfy, king-sized bed.
She tiptoed into the bedroom, noting an outline beneath the covers that verified her assumption. He faced away from her. Sliding between the sheets, she made very little movement, fearing she’d wake him. Not wanting him to touch her, she stayed well to her side of the mattress. Despite her attempts to avoid another confrontation, he rolled over.

“Wanna do it?” His voice sliced the silence.

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Tricia McGill said...

Another great read from one of my favorite authors.

Connie Vines said...

Ginger, always gives us women ready to take on the world!

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