Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Character Interview with Nick Pierce from Time To Kill by Jamie Hill

Please come in, sit down, and introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you from, and what book do you appear in?

I'm US Marshal Nick Pierce. I'm a lead player in Time To Kill by Jamie Hill, and have a featuring role in the follow up book, Cover of Darkness. I grew up in Chicago, but things weren't great and I got out as soon as I could. I ended up in the US Marshal Service and an assignment brought me to Topeka, Kansas. That was culture shock, I gotta tell you. But it was okay.

Why did you leave?

Um, let's just say it was okay until it wasn't okay anymore. I transferred to St. Louis, which was pretty sweet. The Cards have a great ball team.

But you returned to Topeka?

Yeah, at first I thought that might have been a mistake. You see, I had a history with another marshal there, Jordan Burke. She wasn't too excited to see me return. But I was kinda interested to get my eyes on her again. She's a hellcat and one total pain in the butt, but damn if she isn't the prettiest woman I've ever laid eyes on. That's one thing the crazy author got right. The cover of the book was spot on amazing.

So you think the author designed the cover herself?

Shut the hell up. I can read. Cover art credit goes to Michelle Lee at Stardust Creations.

Then what did you mean about the crazy author and not getting things right?

She painted me as obnoxious, you know? I'm not obnoxious. I'm just incredibly smart,  damned handsome, and have abs like a washboard. I'd go on but the author tried to keep this one rated PG13.

You're not arrogant or obnoxious?

Shut the hell up. No.

And you make an appearance in the third book in the Witness Security series, Cover of Darkness?

Oh yeah! I get partnered up with another marshal, Ben Markham, to protect the owner of a BDSM club. That's a hoot. Okay, I was sort of obnoxious when I met that gal. 

Sort of?

Totally obnoxious. 

Thank you. Back to the part about you being incredibly smart. Is it true that in Time To Kill, while you and Jordan are following a witness to California, something happens and Jordan's life is put in danger?

Yeah, well, I'm gonna plead the fifth on that one. Nobody likes spoilers. I still maintain that I'm wicked smart and I think Jordan would back me up on that. 

What about the author? You think Jamie would agree?

Totally, because she is also wicked smart. <insert sexy grin here>

Last question. If Time To Kill was made into a movie, who would you like to see cast to play you?

I'm feeling a 'James Bond' kind of vibe. I'd definitely say Daniel Craig.

Thanks for being interviewed today, Nick. Where are you off to now?

If I told you that, I'd have to kill you. Secrets of the US Marshal service, you know. But hopefully miss smarty pants will get busy and finish writing Cover of Darkness. Then we can talk about it.

I have it on good authority that she'll finish the book this fall.

She'd better, is all I can say.


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 Hope you'll check it out, and see if Nick is really all that!


Juliet Waldron said...

OMG Daniel Craig...OMG Daniel Craig...
Nice interview.

Unknown said...

Juliet, I know, right? Wasn't that a cute photo of him??? Thanks for stopping by!

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