Sunday, July 19, 2015

Have you ever been 'Impulsive'?

by Jamie Hill

A Collection of short stories
 The first glimpse of a person, someone so breathtaking it’s almost stunning. That heart-stopping moment when gazes lock across a crowded room. Finding the courage to speak over the noisy thrumming of a heartbeat. Feelings so intense, they tend to make one’s actions a bit impulsive. Four stories of spicy, sweet, sassy romance. Three Wishes, All That Jazz, Playing With Destiny and High Maintenance.

Three Wishes: While visiting Madame Zena’s Mystical Shoppe, Macy Green discovers a dusty old bottle she never imagines could actually be magical. (paranormal romance)

All That Jazz: Devon Knight has a secret. He’s been watching his neighbor, beautiful Gia Malone, through their apartment windows, every day while he practices his trumpet. (sweet romance)

Playing With Destiny: When beautiful witch Calista Canyon discovers the man of her dreams living right next door, she tries everything she can think of, short of magic, to get him to notice her. (paranormal romance)

High Maintenance: Deidre North is enjoying a family ski vacation after Christmas, when an accident sidelines her from the slopes with a cast on her leg. (sweet romance)

“I loved the stories. Each of them was very different, which was something that I enjoyed. My two favorites have to be Playing with Destiny and High Maintenance. And don’t you just love the cover? I look forward to reading more of Ms. Hill’s work very soon. Impulsive is a great book to have with you while you’re on the go or only have a few minutes to relax. Just enough time to get lost in a short story and still be done in time for dinner.” ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

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