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How Readers Choose Books, by Jamie Hill

I've been published for ten years now, and while that may not be long in the grand scheme of things, it's been enough time to give me some insight into what works and what doesn't work as well. The advent of self-publishing has seen a glut of books online, many for free or very cheap. My own eReader is loaded with books I might not ever have time to read, but hey, a hundred eBooks don't take up any more space in my house than one does, so why not have them?

Like most people, I'm a discriminating reader, and I don't want to fill my Kindle with junk. So what do readers look for when choosing a book? I think there are three factors. 

1) Cover

An eye-catching cover is the first thing that grabs my attention. If the cover is cheesy there better be something else drawing me to that book because it's hard to get past a bad cover.

2) Price

I've never been one to pay big bucks for books. While I realize that an author's time is worth more than a 99 cent or even a 2.99 book might suggest, it's hard to spend lots on a book that might take me a few hours to read. I grew up in the library and have always read my big name authors books by borrowing them from there. Even now, I'll borrow ebooks if it's an author who's made that option available. The kind of authors I'm talking about are the ones who are doing all right. I'd hate to take money from a struggling author by borrowing his or her book, but I'm pretty sure the big names are getting by just fine. My publisher, Books We Love, has done lots of research on pricing. The current market sees free to 99 cent prices as good for sales, but not great for a regular price. (Indicates cheap quality- you get what you pay for.) $2.99-3.99 is the current sweet spot for ebook pricing. Affordable is key.

3) Blurb

A book's blurb is the paragraph or two description on the sales page. On print books it is called the 'back cover blurb'. A short description of the story, just enough to whet the reader's appetite and make them want to read more.

In my association with Books We Love, I've learned that the blurb is perhaps the most important piece of writing an author does. It must be grammatically correct--if the author can't spell in the blurb, what makes the reader think they can spell in the book?

The blurb should be catchy, not dry, and not give away too much of the story. I read a blurb recently which might as well have said, "Hero and Heroine meet, overcome obstacles, fall in love and live happily ever after." It told that much. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, but telling me that much in the blurb makes me wonder why I even need to read the book. Again, in most books, that's the formula I expect. But the blurb needs to hint at it, not give it all away.

One thing I think the blurb should tell is if the story is not a stand alone title. Many of the free and 99 cent books I've seen recently are merely the first part of a bigger story. If that's the case, I believe it's only fair to warn readers. I love series books and write them, too. But each book stands alone with a satisfactory conclusion, and in my world you don't have to read them all or in order to enjoy the books. 

That's my 2 cents on what a reader looks at when choosing a book. What do you think? Agree or disagree, I'd love to hear!

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Sunday Snippets from Ginger Simpson #sundaysnips

Note:  Cynthia has gotten up the nerve to invite her handsome neighbor for dinner.  Now, the old tenament in which they live is interferring with their getting to know one another.  Of course, there is still danger lurking around...

I'm camping in the smokey mountains, so this was a Friday Freebits at one time.  I think it bears repeating.  :)

"Whoa, what happened?" Alex asked.

Cynthia wanted to swear but restrained herself. "It's that darn breaker. The old fuse boxes were replaced, but nothing has been done about the ancient wiring. The breaker switch trips every time I plug in one extra thing. I have no idea how this building passed the code restrictions. Sometimes I actually see sparks fly when I vacuum."

His melodious laughter filled the darkened room. "Maybe you should slow down."

She poked him in the arm. "Very funny. I'm talking danger here, and you're making jokes." Despite the man-eating couch and the faulty wiring, the evening was still going far better than she'd hoped. She felt like she'd known Alex for ages.

"Do you know where the breaker box is?" he asked.

"Probably in the same place as the one in your apartment."

"Duh! Guess I should have figured that out. Do you have a flashlight?"

"In the kitchen drawer. I always keep fresh batteries there. It only took three or four times for me to learn they're a necessity at The Cairns."

She felt around for the coffee table and set her cup down. Rising, she groped her way into the kitchen to find the flashlight. She fumbled in the drawer where she remembered last putting it, and finally, her fingers closed around its familiar long handle.

The on switch wouldn't budge, but maybe Alex’s strong fingers could make the darn thing work. She turned and started back to the couch and ran smack into him. The flashlight fell to the floor with a thud. "Yikes," she yelled. "I thought you were still over there."

"I guess I should have stayed." He chuckled.

She dropped to her knees and began feeling around in the darkness.

"Ouch!" Her head collided with his. "What are you doing down here?"

"Just trying to be helpful."

His warm breath fanned across her face as she rubbed the point of impact on her forehead. "Thanks, I guess."

"Eureka, I found it," Alex yelled.

"Great! Now, if we can make it to the fuse box without any further incidents, that would be nice." She hoped her voice carried her smile through the darkness. 

While Cynthia held the light, Alex fumbled with the breakers inside the musty closet. Finally, after flipping each of them to find the thrown one, the electricity surged to life. Alex raised his arms toward heaven. "And the Lord said, 'Let there be light'."

"Thanks. You're pretty handy to have around. I’ve done it myself before, but I'm glad you were here." 

"Maybe you should apply for the apartment superintendent's position. God knows we need a good replacement." She picked a safe topic but her mind fantasized about another scenario. Maybe staying in the dark would have been more satisfying. Would it be so wrong if they shared a kiss so soon? She snapped back to reality, hearing her mother’s voice caution Cynthia about being a brazen woman. A first date is way too early for romance.

Alex held up a hand in protest to her suggestion. "Nooo! Not me. This building could become a lifetime commitment, and I'm not planning on staying here until I die." He returned to the couch, sat and downed the last of his coffee.

Hiding her disappointment, Cynthia put away the flashlight. "Would you like another cup? I'm sure what you just drank was disgustingly cold."

"No thanks. I'm fine."

She joined him on the couch. Tucking one leg beneath her, she leaned closer. "Talking about the super and his job…do you find him as non-responsive as I do?"

Alex nodded. "I think he's a lazy, no-good shirker. It's easier to fix things myself then have to keep calling him. He's no better than the one who used to work here."

"Oh, I didn't know the other one, but this guy has only been in my apartment once since I moved here, and that's enough for me. He gives me the creeps. He has those beady little eyes and looks like he hasn't bathed in weeks. I just keep my fingers crossed that nothing else breaks." She eyed her door.  “Of course, I’m still waiting for him to come fix my deadbolt.”

Available on Amazon

Now...hop on over to my blog pals and see what they have to offer:  Tell 'em Ginger sent you.  *lol*

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The Blame Game ~ Kobo Best Seller! by Jamie Hill

The Blame Game Boxed Set hit the top 50 for Kobo's Contemporary Romance Best Sellers last week! Pretty amazing considering how many books they have to choose from. If you haven't checked it out, please have a look! Now in one specially priced box set, The Blame Game series brings you four complete novels for one low price. Get ready for family drama and sweet romance, no serials or cliff hangers.

Blame it on the Stars: Teacher Catlin McCall has second thoughts about dating the father of a student, but listening to his sweet talk one night under the stars, she finds him hard to resist. They stumble into an impetuous, passionate relationship which leaves them breathless and his family less than thrilled. A not-quite-ex-wife who decides she wants her man back, combined with a pair of manipulative teenagers, make for more problems than either of them are prepared to deal with.

Blame it on the Moon: Dana Naughton returns home after college to teach at the local elementary school. She’s not aware of the struggles her family is going through, but is glad to help however she can. She’s also surprised to learn that Clint Stewart, her old high school sweetheart, is now working for her father.

Blame it on the Sun: Dave Naughton’s laid-back attitude has cost him two sports writing jobs. Fear of commitment and uncertainty may cost him a whole lot more where his personal life is concerned. He’s summoned home to face his father, the owner of the family business and the one man he really doesn’t want to disappoint.

Blame it on the Rain: Charlie Naughton and Jenny Craft grew up together. Their parents were best friends and the kids were inseparable throughout their school years. But when Charlie goes off to college, he’s focusing more on his baseball scholarship than the friend he’s leaving behind. 

The Blame Game is published by Books We Love: 


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Character Interview with Grace Cummings (AKA Dancing Fawn) from White Heart, Lakota Spirit by Ginger Simpson #historical #romance

cover by Dawne Dominique
Today, my guest is Grace Cummings, here to tell us how she survived being captured by a war party:

Just for clarification, HOST will indicate the interviewer’s questions below:
HOST:   It must have been a very traumatic ordeal for you.  Can you tell us about it.

GRACE:  It was horrid. (She shudders) I still hear my mother's screams in my head.  I…

HOST:  Do you need a moment to compose yourself?

GRACE:  No, I'm fine.  (Deep breath)  It was 1874. My family had moved around a lot because my father, bless his departed soul, was a restless man.   It was hard for a girl my age to make friends, not living in one place for very long, and just when Ma, Kevin and I thought we might settle down, General George Armstrong Custer made an announcement about gold being discovered in the Black Hills of Lakota territory.  That's all it took!  Pa loaded everything back into our Conestoga and insisted this was his chance to strike it big.

HOST:  Why didn't you mother put her foot down?

GRACE:  You have to understand that back then, women were expected to know their place.  Ma pretty much did as Pa said.  Besides, he promised her that when he hit the mother lode, he would buy us a new house; new furniture and we'd never have to move again.

HOST:  I can see how that might have sounded pretty enticing.

GRACE:  It was.  We all had visions of putting down permanent roots, so being out on the plains, cooking over a campfire again and roughing it for a just a little longer was worth it if Pa and my brother, Kevin, found gold.

HOST:  Tell us more about your experience, please.

GRACE:  Okay.   We had made camp at the base of the Black Hills, near a sparse stand of trees.  There was a small stream nearby, so water was plentiful.  Ma and I slept on a pallet of blankets in the wagon, while Pa and Kev slept in a makeshift tent.  We had just finished breakfast one morning and were laughing and talking before Pa and Kev went off to the mine, when I happened to spy some riders on the horizon. It soon became clear from the whooping and hollering that they were being attacked by Indians.

HOST:  Oh my goodness, what did you do?

GRACE:  Pa immediately yelled for Ma and I to get back in the wagon, and he and Kev grabbed their rifles and crawled underneath.  I hunkered down behind the tailgate, waiting for Ma, but she never came.  I was so scared, hearing the sound of gunfire and those blood-curdling war cries, I covered my ears, but it didn't help.  When I got the courage to peek outside, I saw the Indians circling our wagon and Ma running in the opposite direction.  I think she was trying to draw them away from me.  I didn't realize it at the time, but Pa and Kevin were already dead.  They were easy pickings with no real shelter.

HOST:  How awful.

GRACE:  You have no idea!  (Stopping to bite her knuckle, then staring straight ahead). They…they shot my ma down in cold blood right before my eyes.

HOST:  Oh you poor thing.  What did you do then?

GRACE:  (Dabbing at eyes with hanky) I curled myself into a ball and prayedit was all just a bad dream, and that I'd wake up.   When I didn't hear anything for a while, I found the courage to rise to my knees and peer over the tailgate again.  I almost had heart failure when I came face-to-face with the ugliest sight I'd ever seen.

HOST:    Oh my gosh, I have goose bumps. What was it?

GRACE:  It was the person I later learned was Black Crow.  His face was painted with bright yellow lightning bolts, and he had a scar that ran from ear-to-ear.  He pulled me out of the wagon, barking orders in a strange language, and threw me to the ground.  I thought my heart was going to pound its way right through my chemise. (Holds hand against chest)

HOST:  Lord, what was going through your head?

GRACE:  I was certain he was going to kill me, too.  I think he might have had it not been for one of his friends.  The one, called Little Elk, stepped in and calmed Black Crow down.  Still, it was an awful thing to go through, wondering if I was going to live or die.  I might have been better off being shot like Ma.  Black Crow tethered my arms together and dragged me along behind his horse, like I was nothing more than an animal.   I struggled to keep up all the way to their  village.

HOST:  How far was it?

GRACE:  (Holding out her wrists).  I'm not sure, but it seem a far piece. You can still see the scars where the rawhide bit into my skin.  I didn't have time to get my shoes on, so my feet were pretty raw, too.  I'm used to walking beside the wagon every day, but being dragged is quite different.  The torture went on forever.

HOST:  What happened when you got to the village?

GRACE:  I was so tired I could barely stand, but I dared not drop to the ground when the whole village stood in a circle around me, staring and laughing.  I thought for sure I was about to meet my maker, but something very surprising happened.

HOST:  Don't stop now!

GRACE:  A beautiful green-eyed woman walked into the midst of things and protected me.  She spoke their language and dressed in their clothing, but it was evident from her flaming red hair that she was white.  If it hadn't been for her I would never have survived to tell this story, that and the fact that Black Crow's mother despised having a white woman share her home.  (Grace chuckles half-heartedly.)

HOST:  So...What happened?

GRACE:  After only one night in her tepee, Black Crow handed me over to Little Elk. He, at least treated me with kindness, allowing Green Eyes to help me bathe and wash my hair.  I was still scared, but not nearly as much.  Pa always said I was headstrong, and it almost got me into  trouble when Little Elk gave me a new name.  (Sitting up straighter, squaring shoulders)

HOST:  Oh gosh, we're almost out of time and I hate to make you stop.  Can you give us a brief summary, and quickly?

GRACE:  Although there is so much more to tell, I'll just say white soldiers raided the camp and I hid along with everyone else. I was dressed like an Indian so....  *smile*  Unless you want to invite me back for another visit, I guess you'll just have to read the book to find out what happens.  (Holds out a copy)

HOST:  Is this for me? How nice, and it's autographed.  Grace Cummings, thank you so much for spending time with us and sharing your captivating story. I'd like to remind our readers that White Heart, Lakota Spirit by Ginger Simpson is offered at and on Amazon, available in both print and download.  There's more to story, and if you're like me, you want to know how things turned out.  Happy reading!

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Win an eReader in Books We Love's Fall Contest

Books We Love Fall Extravaganza

To celebrate the Season
BWL is giving away your choice of an eBook Reader:
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Sunday Snippets from Shortcomings by Ginger Simpson #sundaysnips #ya

Cover Art by Michelle Lee

I apologize for missing last week, but I was away from home. This week's snippet is from my YA - Shortcomings.  As authors usually admit, there is a little of us in every book we publish.  I had to draw on my own heartache and feelings of non-acceptance...especially when my father was out of work and how I felt wearing clothing from a second-hand shop.  I was so afraid someone would recognize something I wore, I wanted to hide in a closet.  I love the message this book delivers, and I hope you will too.  "Our shortcomings don't define us unless we let them."


“Hey, gimpy, wanna race. Amidst a gathering of her groupies, pep squad captain, Sally Rogers, yelled at Cindy Johnson from across the street. Sally fanned her shoulder-length auburn hair back from her face and stood with one hand on her curvy hip. If you win, maybe Ill buy you something new to wear.
Her taunting tone ate at Cindy, but she refused to respond. Sagging against the tree at the bottom of the hill leading home, she wished she could sprint the distance to escape the piercing stares and haunting laughter. Seventeen years ago, shed been born with one leg noticeably shorter than the other, and every day brought new heartache. Tears burned the back of her eyes.
She gazed down through blurred eyes at the sweater she worethe one her mother bought last week at the used clothing store. It was clean and hole-free. How could Sally have known?
But then most of Cindys wardrobe was previously worn by someone else. Sally might have even owned the cardigan at one time. The thought made Cindy shiver.
With four younger siblings and only one income, the family struggled. There was never enough money for new clothes, and people like Sally Rogers, the vindictive, nasty types, always noticed and felt inclined to tell the world. When the crowd on the opposite corner dispersed, Cindy gave her aching forearm a rest by swapping her books from one side to the other and began the tiresome trek uphill. She couldn’t have jammed one more thing into her already-full backpack.  What had she been thinking when she checked out extra romance novels from the library?
Her distinct walk drew too many stares, and she grew tired of them, but there was nothing she could do to stop them.  People’s curiosity often came across as rude, as did their blunt questions. She clenched her teeth at the years that lay ahead with no relief in sight.

This and all my books are available on my Amazon page.

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Casting Your Characters - Hero pick for Ellie's Legacy

I'm borrowing part of Michelle Lee's Blog...cover artist for Books We Love and the talent behind my beautiful covers for that publisher.  Michelle asked those of us who wanted to participate to find a picture of the perfect star to play a hero in our book.  I'm sharing with Michelle's permission:

First up on the Red Carpet - we have Tyler Bishop.
Blake Shelton

Character Name:  Tyler Bishop  
Book:  Ellie's Legacy
Author: Ginger Simpson

About Tyler: Handsome and rugged, Tyler is totally bamboozled by Ellie.  One minute she's a flirt, the next minute she acts like she's angry with him.  Although he wants to please her father and show he can be the best foreman ever, Ty's being there seems to be a burr under Ellie's saddle and he's really attracted to her...just not sure if the feelings are mutual.  He tries looking out for her best interest, but that just makes her think he's bossy.  No matter what he does, he's damned.

Ginger's Casting Pick: "I pick handsome country western singer, Blake Shelton to play the role.  He's definitely a good ol' boy with the looks, charm, and definitely the witt to try to do battle with Ellie."

Tyler's Shining Moment: 

It appeared as though Ellie had turned into a full-grown woman overnight, kind of like the newborn foals in the spring. One minute they were awkward and gangly and the next they had filled out and turned into something spirited and beautiful.

Oh, Ellie wasn’t a horse, but she did have spirit, and she certainly was a beauty. The thought of all those curves in the right places and the memory of her luscious lips awakened a distinct part of his body. He tugged at the crotch of his trousers and moved back to the mirror to put on his tie.
If luck was on his side, in a few hours he’d be holding her in his arms, and maybe on the way home, he’d steal another kiss or two.

With that in mind, Ty went outside, stopping at the flowerbed next to the porch. It was only fitting he give his lady something special, but only a few late bloomers remained. Luckily one stood out among the wilted. Carefully, Ty plucked a pale pink rose to give to Ellie in celebration of the occasion.

BLURB:  Tomboy, Ellie Fountain is determined to stop the conniving neighbors from their plot to take her father’s land. She’s an only child, Fountainhead is her legacy. The handsome ranch foreman, Tyler Bishop, is a burr under her saddle and a barrier to her future. Her pa treats him like the son he never had, and Ellie is jealous. She’s out to prove she’s as good as any man at ranching… but her biggest threat may not be the polecats that are killing the cattle and taking potshots at her….it might be her heart. 

If you need a ready made cover or even a banner or two, make sure and check out Michelle Lee's talent:

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Casting Your Characters - Heroine choice for Sarah's Heart and Passion

I'm borrowing part of a blog done by Michelle Lee, the person who designed my beautiful covers for Books We Love.  She asked us to identify who we thought would be perfect to play the part of our hero and heroines.  Today is the ladies day and I'll introduce you to my choice to play my heroine:

Heading towards us now is Sarah Collins.
Nicole Kidman

Character Name: Sarah Collins
Book(s) Featuring the Character: Sarah's Heart and Sarah's Passion
Author: Ginger Simpson

About Sarah: Sarah is brave, passionate, but she detests people who judge others.  She's a beauty, but doesn't flaunt it, and she loves Wolf like she's loved no other even though he's a half-breed.

Ginger's Casting Pick: "I pick Nicole Kidman because she looks the part and I've seen her in many roles and she so adaptive.  I think she'd make a wonderful Sarah."

Book Blurb:  Sarah Collins set her sights for California and a new beginning, but never imagines a war party's attack on the wagon train she joins. A sole survivor, Sarah must find her way back to civilization, and a man of half-blood happens along at just the right time and becomes her hero...or is the whole scenario only a dream driven by all the romance novels she reads as an editor?

Sarah wakes, her cheeks damp with tears. Like a dust devil in a dying windstorm, all traces of her handsome rescuer vanish with a farewell kiss and the annoying blast of an alarm clock...until he appears at her door as a new neighbor. Will Sarah find a way to win the love she tried so hard to capture in her dream without being declared insane, or will the sexy woman living an apartment away beat Sarah at her own game? 
A Shining Moment for Sarah:  

Stopping at the table where Sarah stood, the woman fingered an array of ribbons.
Sarah smiled at her. “Good morning. I couldn’t help but overhear your mention of an
upcoming social….”

The matron peered down her angular nose. “Yes, it’s a yearly affair, but…” Her cold,
gaze raked over Sarah’s attire. “Surely you aren’t inquiring for yourself. It’s usually only
attended by those able to dress for the occasion.”

Sarah gasped at the woman’s rudeness, but wasn’t about to let it pass. Cocking her head,
hands on her hips, Sarah drew up to her full height. “Oh, then there’s no worry. My mother
taught me to dress myself when I was quite young. She also taught me not to be rude to my
elders, so I’ll overlook the fact that you’re a snobbish old biddy.” Surprised by her own outburst,
Sarah stared at the woman with wide eyes, waiting for a response. None came.

With mouth agape, the older woman huffed out of the store. Sarah went back to perusing
the dresses and heard Clarence chuckling behind the counter. She giggled, too, pleased that she’d
stood up for herself. People who judged others by their appearance deserved the same disrespect.

If you are looking for ready made covers or breathtaking banners, make sure to check our Michelle Lee's designs:


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Movie Quote Trivia ~ Back To School Edition ~ Answers

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out Movie Quote Trivia on Monday. Here are the answers:

1) Easy

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

John Vernon played Dean Vernon Wormer in the 1978 movie, Animal House.

2) Medium

(A pizza has just been delivered to class

Teacher: "Am I hallucinating here? Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?" 

Student: "Learning about Cuba, and having some food." 

Ray Walston played teacher Mr. Hand in 1982's Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Sean Penn played stoner student Jeff Spicoli.

3) Movie Buff

"The key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands. It's a good non-specific symptom; I'm a big believer in it. A lot of people will tell you that a good phony fever is a dead lock, but, uh... you get a nervous mother, you could wind up in a doctor's office. That's worse than school. You fake a stomach cramp, and when you're bent over, moaning and wailing, you lick your palms. It's a little childish and stupid, but then, so is high school." 

Matthew Broderick played Ferris Bueller in 1986's Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 


Thanks for playing along. Now everyone line up for recess!

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Character Interview with Ellie from Ellie's Legacy

Cover by Michelle Lee
Sometime in the recent past, we heard from Tyler Bishop, Ellie's Hero.  Today, we are going to hear from her perspective:

Interview with  Roselle (Ellie) from Ellie’s Legacy:

Our special guest this evening is Miss Roselle Fountain, the heroine from author, Ginger Simpson’s western historical, Ellie’s Legacy.  Welcome, Roselle. 

RF – *Fidgeting* Oh please call me Ellie.  I’ve never much identified with such a flowery name.  You probably can’t tell by the way I’m dressed today, but I’ve always been somewhat of a tomboy.

HOST - *Laughing*.  So I’ve heard.  You look very nice in your flowered print—very much the lady.

RF – That’s Pa’s doing.  He insisted that if I was going to make an appearance, I needed to dress like a lady.  I’d much rather be wearing britches and boots. *Tugs at the neckline of her dress*.  These things are too danged uncomfortable at times.

HOST – So, Ellie, tell the readers a little about the novel in which you headline.

RF – *Grins* Well, I can’t give away too much.  Ginger would skin me alive, but I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you that it’s got a little romance, a lot of western, and even more feistiness than her last historical romance.  It all starts when Pa hires Tyler Bishop as the ranch foreman.  I kinda figured Pa always wanted a son, and Ty proves me right. Their relationship gets me pretty riled up.  I have a bad temper at times… I think it comes from this red hair.  *pulls a strand of hair forward and smiles*.

HOST – So, besides your being jealous of Ty, is there any adventure involved.

RF – Oh, you bet.  *Squares herself in her chair*.  The polecats that live on the neighboring ranch are aiming to get Fountainhead away from Pa.  Dude Bryant and his twin boys are meaner than snakes… well at least Dude and Jason are.  Joshua comes across as quiet and a follower.  But, *balls hands into fists* I’ll be danged if they’re gonna get my legacy.  I actually bought a gun and taught myself to shoot it. 

HOST – A gun?  What do you plan to do with it?

RF – Protect Fountainhead of course.  I’m aim to show Pa he don’t need Tyler Bishop around when he has me.  I just wish that Ty wasn’t so dang good lookin’.

HOST – I haven’t heard you mention your mother.  How does she feel about you owning a gun?

RF - *Lowers her eyes*.  My ma died when I was very young.  I suppose that’s why I took up with the ranch hands and spend so much time workin’ outdoors.  *Raises a steely gaze*.  But, now that Ty’s in the picture, Pa wants me to spend more time in the house doing womanly things.

HOST – Would that be such a bad thing?

RF – Of course it would.  I don’t much care for cookin’ and cleanin’.  We have Cook for that.  I’d much rather brand a cow as fry one.

HOST – So what about the romance part of the story?

RF – *Chews her bottom lip for a moment* I can’t tell you much more than I accompany Ty to a dance, but as usual, he gets my dander up there, too.  What happens from then on, you’ll have to find out for yourself.  I may look young and na├»ve, but I’m not silly enough to give away the whole story.  Miz Ginger is counting on sales to help pay for a trip to something called an RT Conference next year.  I wouldn’t want to let her down.

HOST – I certainly wouldn’t want you to do that either.  You’ve given us enough of a teaser to stir some interest.  Hopefully we’ll see you on a best seller’s list somewhere.

RF – That would be right nice.  It just may happen cause remember, I have a gun.  *Slaps hip and fakes a draw*.

HOST -  Well, here’s hoping you don’t have to use it.  *laughs*.  Thank you so much, Ellie for being with us today.  And good luck in the future.

RF – Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot to tell you that where you can get your own copy of Ellie’s Legacy. You can find them on something called Internet at, *reaches in pocket and pulls out a slip of paper; reads it. “Miz Ginger’s author page is at and all her books are listed there.”

HOST – Thanks again.

My sincere thanks to Books We Love for giving my previous publications a second chance and for believing in my talent.

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