Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sunday Snippets from Time Tantrums by Ginger Simpson #sunday snips

Time Tantrums ws originally released as "Sisters in Time," but when my rights expired, I wanted to share the story with so many more, so I tried to remove many of the amateur mistakes we authors tend to make and re-release the novel through Books We Love.

I still believe this is one of the most creative feats I've undertaken.  It's not easy to jump from one hero to another, so I'm happy to share a sample with you of how I accomplished my goal.  Join Mariah, my pioneer wife, and Taylor, my modern day attorney, as they struggle to acclimate to new eras and new husbands:


Mariah - Colorado Territory—1872

Mariah Cassidy sat on the front porch and watched her husband, Frank, ride through the gate. The large Rocking C, the ranch’s emblem, cast a shadow across his face as he rode beneath it. His muscled thighs gripped the flanks of his huffing, black stallion, and his hat rested in that familiar rakish tilt. He certainly knew how to sit a horse.

Frank dismounted and gave the horse’s reins to a hired hand. He dusted himself off then turned and strode to the porch. “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

She smiled. “You were up bright and early. Would you like some breakfast?”

“No thanks. I already ate with the ranch hands, but... I might be interested in somethin’

else.” Even after seventeen years of marriage, Frank’s innuendo embarrassed Mariah. Just a
wink of one of his heavy-lashed, blue eyes made her heart flutter, but her desire for lovemaking never equaled his. She fretted about him leaving her to find satisfaction in the arms of another. Her mother had planted such deep-seeded inhibitions within Mariah that nudity made her uncomfortable. She loved being in his arms, but beyond that, her embarrassment got in the way of feeling free.

The same old thoughts niggled at her as she gazed into his face. Why didn’t she feel the same comfort with her body as Frank did with his? Would he be happier with someone else? He deserved a wife with passion to match his own.  She massaged the creases in her brow.

“Mariah, did you hear me? Would you like to join me upstairs?”  He nodded toward the house.

She held up a silencing finger while guilt niggled her. “Hush. The children will hear you."

* * * *

Denver, Colorado—2002

Lost in thought, Taylor Morgan sat and stared at the stacks of files piled on her large mahogany desk. The sun barely peeked through the office window of the high-rise building and the dim lighting matched her somber mood. Had she remembered to kiss David before she left home? It seemed she was always in a hurry these days. Rushing to put on make-up, darting off without goodbyes, working late, and barely finding time for her husband—something had to change. She didn’t want a repeat of the argument she’d had with David last night.

The thud of his fist on the dining room table echoed in her head. When he expressed frustration, her body trembled, much the same as the silverware had. She’d never seen him so angry.

His words had cut through her like a knife. “We’re like ships passing in the night. All we do is work, eat and sleep. You’re so busy with your job that that’s all you think about. You don’t cook, you don’t clean... Good God, we only make love on your schedule, never mine. What if I don’t want to wait five years to have children?”

The thought of having a child made Taylor shudder. She’d labored hard to achieve the status she enjoyed at the law firm. Giving up now wasn’t an option. Still, what about David? Didn’t he have a right to the family he wanted? She felt so conflicted. What if her husband wasn’t willing to hang around until she determined the time felt right?

If only there was a way to compromise. She nodded. Making David a priority seemed a good start if she wanted to save her marriage. Tonight, she’d leave work early, go home, and make dinner. A few candles, a bottle of wine—David would be pleasantly surprised.

She picked the most pressing files from her desk and threw them into her briefcase, planning to peruse them while she cooked. Grabbing her jacket from the chair, she slung it over her shoulder and reached the door when the urgent buzzing of her intercom summoned her back. She leaned over the desk and mashed a button with her fingertips. “Yes?”

“Ms. Morgan,” her secretary responded, “Mr. Abernathy requests that you join him in the conference room right away. The senior partners have called an emergency meeting.”

“I’ll be right there.” Taylor plopped her briefcase back on the desk. She straightened her collar and smoothed her skirt then took a deep breath.

Maybe tomorrow, David, maybe tomorrow.

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Jamie Hill said...

I really enjoyed this book. Great snip Ginger!

Tricia McGill said...

This was one of the first books of yours I read, Ginger, and because of my love of Time-Travels remains my favorite.

Connie Vines said...

I just read Elle but this story looks like a story I'll be adding to my kindle wish list.

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