Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Birthday Countdown is Jamie "Birthday Girl" Hill

When I was a kid, my birthdays were maybe the best day of the year. Christmas was a close tie, but in the eyes of a child we shared that day with the baby Jesus, and rightly so. But my birthday was just MINE. 

For the first few years, my grandma made me special cakes that she decorated with small ceramic figures which she made as a hobby. Or she crafted me doll cakes similar to the one pictured. I loved Barbies so those had an added bonus. Now that I'm grown, I no longer have the Barbies but I do still have several of those ceramic figurines and they mean a lot to me.

Age ten was the first birthday party I remember. We invited a bunch of girls to my house. I can't recall exactly what we did, but there was cake and presents involved, so I was a happy girl.

I spent one birthday on a family vacation at the great Salt Lake. Traveling across multiple states in a camper doesn't sound like fun to me these days, but it was a blast back then. I got a Barbie that year, too. (I must have been easy to shop for.)

These days, birthdays involve dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant and spending time with my special crew, my family. They spoil me rotten with spa gift certificates, perfume, and this year, a new computer which I am already enjoying. 

Growing older isn't always easy, but I like to say that it beats the alternative. Bear with me for the next week as I continue on this path of celebration. It's going to be a wild ride!


Ginger Jones Simpson said...

I'll be 29th with you...okay? We also share the love to Mexican restaurants, although I don't recall having a Barbie. My gifts were always at Christmas and those stupid dolls that came up to your waist and you held their hand and they were supposed to walk. They did, but like Frankenstein's monster. don't look a day over 25. :)

Jamie Hill said...

Aw, thanks Ging. I also had "Beautiful Chrissy" who's hair grew when you pushed her belly button and she had a knob on her back to wind it back into her head. LOL!

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