Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cover Reveal and Release Announcement

Cover Art by Michelle Lee
I'm free at last.  Me and Martin Luther King share the same passion for freedom.  I've given new life to an older publication that was far too expensive to enjoy sales, and Books We Love has granted me the privilege of publishing both a new and improved version along with a new cover.  I'm thrilled to present Dancing Fawn, available now on Amazon and other venues.  My heroine may have started out as Grace Cummings, but Little Elk renames her with a true Lakota name.
 Jamie Hill reminded me that this book is available via the BWL site using Payloadz.  Readers can select the format they need and take advantage of the sales.  You can even pay via Paypal.  What a deal.  Eventually...all books will be there.  Jamie is working her fingers to the bone to get them there. Check it out:


·      ·         Grace scanned the village and the seemingly hostile people surrounding her. Her heart pounded with fear. What would become of the her? Her mind played flashbacks of her family sprawled on the ground. Not even a proper burial... just left to the hungry animals roaming the plains. If only she could block the scene from her mind, but her heart ached for the loss of her loved ones. She’d never see her mother’s lovely face or hear her father’s booming voice...and her brother, Kevin, her protector and best friend...dead without even experiencing life.

        Oh, how she detested the brutal and heartless man who held her tether. She struggled to keep her footing, her hatred growing with each step. She’d never before wished anyone dead, but if he dropped at her feet, she’d find the energy to dance with joy. Her mind spun in a million directions. What was her captor saying? Did he think she understood the strange words he barked at her? Was he going to brutalize her?  What had her family done to deserve such a brutal end…and why not kill her, too?

         The sound of arguing intruded into her dismal thoughts. She glanced up and spied red braids. For a moment Grace’s thoughts turned to something other than her own pending fate. Didn’t all Indians have dark hair?  The woman’s locks shone like fire, but her sun-kissed skin made it difficult to tell if she was white. Could she be a captive?

        Before Grace could speak to the red-haired woman, Grace’s captor tugged hard on the leather strap that bound her and yanked her so hard she fell. Fiery pain blazed through her already bleeding wrists. She tried to get to her feet, but he dragged her body through the powdery dirt. Wracked by pain, she closed her eyes and silently prayed for help. If I’m to die, dear God, please let it be swift.

I hope you enjoy what you read and will want to know Dancing Fawn's whole story. 


Roseanne Dowell said...

Awesome cover. Love the sample. Definitely has me wanting to read more.

Victoria Chatham said...

Great cover Ginger and the sample is intriguing.

Ann Herrick said...

Amazing cover! Wishing you many sales!

Tabatha Faught said...

Wish I could take credit, but Michelle Lee is awesome. I love the cover, too. Thanks for stopping by.

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