Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's Here...It's New Release, Lost in His Eyes by Ginger Simpson

Harlee Wagner didn’t expect to fall in the well when drawing water, and she certainly never expected to be rescued only to find her entire family gone. Logan Carruthers, her handsome hero insist she rest up before she starts searching and then leads her on a trail consisting of hints and guesses. Will she find her family, or will she discover love? There’s something about his gorgeous blue eyes and broad shoulders that makes her heart flutter. newest release from Books We Love is live, and you can find it in a variety of locations.  I would suggest going to my BWL page and selecting the cover to get to a Payloadz page where you can get you desired format and pay with Paypal or a credit card.  I've taken the liberty of clicking that beautiful cover by Michelle Lee for you.  Like I said...I can't believe how great Jimmy Thomas looks as Logan Carruthers while holding my "Harlee Wagner" in his arms.  Link  Just click it!

Here's a little snippet to tease you:

She made a first step and a second. Water dripped from her body and splatted into what remained in the well. Her limbs trembled. The coarseness of the rope nipped through the thin material of her dress and chafed her skin. On her third step, her left leg gave out and she slammed against the wall, knocking the air from her lungs and scraping her cheek against the rough stones. The stranger slackened the rope, allowing her to collapse back into the water. Harlee massaged her burning face, and even in the dim light saw blood on her fingers. She used the wet hem of her dress to soothe the burning and dab the wound.

“Are you okay?” His deep voice resonated and brought her to her senses.

Wouldn’t anyone who’d been trapped in a well for days be just fine? She took a deep breath and resisted asking him if he was serious.

“Did you hurt yourself?” He yelled louder.

“Yes. My cheek is bleeding and my hands are raw, but I’m ready to make another try.” Determination drove her.

“Okay, I’m going to start pulling again, so stand up and hold on tight.”

Her mind whirred with questions she hoped to ask. Harlee struggled to her feet and took a firm grip on her lifeline. “Pull.”

Despite the pain, she concentrated on each step, unwilling to waiver until she reached freedom. Her palms burned and the top of the well appeared miles away. Still, she made sure she kept one foot anchoring her in place before she moved the other. Many times she wanted to surrender, but looking up into the blurred face of her hero gave her the strength she needed to continue.

After what seemed forever, sunlight warmed Harlee’s face and a breeze caressed her soggy skin. The stranger grasped her beneath her arms and hauled her over the well’s edge. Her feet touched the ground, but overcome by weakness, she sagged against her hero. He swept her into his arms as if she was nothing more than a feather and cradled her like a mother would her babe. “There, there, you’re going to be fine now.”

Somehow, she believed his soothing words…especially because of the sincerity shining in his sky blue eyes—eyes you could get lost in.


BTW...this was a book that I self published that just sat there and did nothing despite my promoting it.  I'm so thankful that Jude and Books We Love gave me a chance to bring it to a new life with a much mor exciting cover.


Jamie Hill said...

Congrats, Ginger. The cover is great.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Great book, Ginger. I love the new cover

J Q Rose said...

Love that excerpt. Congrats on your new release!!

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