Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Balancing Time and Blood Pressure by Ginger Simpson

One of the hardest things to do as an author is to balance your time in order to spend enough of your day at the computer to fulfill all the tasks that come with being an author...and it's not just writing.

Facebook, Twitter trends, games, cell phones and TV are all things that take precious moments away from being productive.  I'm as guilty as most for engaging in anyone of these 'time sucks', BUT, I do make part of daily regime sharing the posts of my blog partners and trying to find avenues that will allow me to promote myself.  For instance, I spent the better part of yesterday, updating ManicReaders, Library Thing, my website, and my blog.  I took a nap in the afternoon because my character, Sarah, woke me up at 1:30 a.m. and I needed to write down the info she provided to move my current WIP along,  but I still shared posts (Thanks Jamie Hill for always being dependable) from Dishin' It Out, Cowboy Kisses, Inside Books We Love, and approved over 75 tweets from people on Twitter.  In addition, I probably bored as many people with FB posts about my new releases, memes I shared, and silly comments I made.

My biggest bug a boo is those who claim tthey're so busy they can't subscript to sites and return the sharing favor I manage to do every day.  Between FB, Google, Pinterest, and Triberr, I spend a lot of time promoting the work and postings of other authors, and I'm very discouraged when I don't see my efforts reciprocated.  I keep asking myself....why do I continue to be the nice guy.  I do because people can't read blogs they don't know exist, just like they can't read books that aren't promoted.  If we all don't do our part, what's the point?

Today, after speaking with a manaagement person at Southwest who insists I made two reservations for the same day for the same person and wasted $635 dollars plus the $60 to change the original ticket, and working with ARe to try to get books taken down that are there through a publisher that no longer has the rights to sell them, I've decided, people will never change Right now I could breath on a match and light it, but I'm just going to inhale and exhale until my blood pressure isn't 200 over 160 anymore. (that's what it feels like.)

 I guess I'd forgotten the old saying I always stood by when married to my alcoholic husband.  "You can't change anyone but yourself."  So...I'm gonna go take a nap, and to heck with anything else at this point.  I just spent money I can't afford, my books are going to remain on ARe forever, people are always going to be lazy about promoting, and there really isn't anything I'm willing to change about me.  So...night-night.  I guess living in a basement with no windows really does have its advantages.  *smile*

And now that I'm ready to schedule this puppy, I just got an error message from Spell-check that tells me to try again later.  Not a chance.  I you find a mistake, don't blame me...it's Blogger's fault.  *lol*

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