Sunday, September 20, 2015

The New Phone Books Are Here! The New Phone Books Are Here!

By Jamie Hill

I was watching my Friday night Blue Bloods rerun and discovered the new season of fall TV starts this week for many shows. I got so excited, I felt like Steve Martin in The Jerk when he saw his name in the phone book for the first time. Yeah, I realize that doesn't make much sense, but just imagine me shouting "The new fall season is here!" and hopefully you'll make the connection. My husband didn't even bat an eyelash. Football season has started and he has all the new TV he cares to watch already scheduled into the DVR.

I've always been a TV fan but in recent years have had to limit my viewing due to lack of time. The nice thing now is, if I miss a series and discover later that I should have been watching it, I can catch up On Demand or on Netflix, which requires a bit of patience but it's super fun binge watching a whole season in one weekend, LOL. I know, I read the study that says how unhealthy that is, but I'd be sitting in front of my computer anyway, you know? And I get up every hour at least to throw another load of laundry in. That's my weekend routine.

On to the new season. I'm excited for Downton Abbey. So excited I always watch online rather than wait for January in the states. Of course I'm excited for the new Blue Bloods, and I'm also a fan of Law and Order SVU. I love the bromance on Hawaii 5-0 and try to watch that regularly. I'm also looking forward to the Oct. 11 premiere of The Walking Dead and Talking Dead after it.

Hubby and I both like Shark Tank, Behind the Tank, The Amazing Race and Bar Rescue which all start this week. Graceland just ended (I'm sad--another year to see how that turns out) and Cedar Cove ends next weekend. (Ready for a break on that one. This week's episode was an hour-long commercial for Ford's Warriors in Pink charity. I know it's a great cause, but everyone in Cedar Cove was wearing their T-shirts, mentioning their website, etc. Come on, Ford. Sheesh.) I never got in to the Walking Dead spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead. I figure if it catches on I can always catch up later.

The only new show I have DVR'd (a new verb in my lexicon) is Limitless, featuring Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter fame. Of course a special appearance by Bradley Cooper can't hurt. :D

As if my spare time wasn't pulled in enough directions, the new fall TV season is here. The weather is cooling down, I've been able to get out and walk some and my diet is back on track. All in all, I couldn't be happier.

Which shows are you looking forward to?


Ginger Jones Simpson said...

I found a solution. I downloaded word to my laptop and I sit in my recliner and watch...or listen to TV while I tend to my computer duties.

Between me and my sister, we have a laundry list of programs recording, with new ones popping up every day. If I don't recognize the titles, I know she's put them on record. She now has me hooked on the Have and Have's awesome. And who would have thought I'd be drawn to 'naked' programs. We've been watching Dating Naked and Naked and Afraid. And of course, because she's a dog rescue person and a die-hard animal lover, we watch lots of the animal channel. May I recommend Dr. Pol. He's great.

As for my own choices...I'm looking forward to griping through anyother season of those cooking shows although I stay as far away from the kitchen as possible these days, and I'm crazy about cop programs (SVU, Blue Bloods, Rookie Blue and more.) It's almost five a.m. and I woke up to my chacter planting a scene in my that I've typed it, I'm going back to bed. Great post, Jamie.

Jamie Hill said...

LOL Ginger. Wish my characters would plant a few scenes in my head. They aren't talking much these days. Thanks for the comment!

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