Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sunday Snippets from Ginger Simpson #sundaysnips

This week, I'd like to share a little bit from my soon-to-be released western historical novel, Lost in His Eyes.  The cover is in and Jimmy Thomas looks spectacular as Logan with Harlee in his arms. guessed it, it's a romance.  Don't forget...this and all my other books are available via my Books We Love page.  Just click the cover you like and you'll be taken to a page where you can select your format and payment method.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Here's a sneak-peek of the unedited version:

The flames danced higher when Logan added more dried sage. The fiery fingers reached for the sky while puffs of dark smoke almost made him invisible. He coughed and backed away, fanning the air with his hat.

Harlee sat with her back against a rock. The sun’s heat still radiated from the stone and eased her sore muscles. She covered her mouth to smother her laughter; her gaze followed Logan as he spread sleeping rolls on both sides of the fire.

“It’s a good idea to sleep far apart, Logan. Your mother would be proud of you.” A sassy tone edged Harlee’s voice.

“I figured you’d be safer on your side.”

“From the animals?”

“From me.” Turning toward her, he grinned. “Are you ready to bed down? We’ll be leaving early.”

Harlee went to her bedroll and slipped between the uncomfortable wool blankets. She reached behind her head and loosened her hair from its ribbon. The canvas on the ground beneath her bedroll crinkled, making her long for the comfort of the guest room. Sounds from the other side of the fire indicated Logan had also settled in, and when the crinkling stopped, the only noise was the crackling and spitting of the flames.

The day’s unrelenting heat turned cold as a million stars twinkled overhead. In the distant night, a coyote howled. The lonely call raised goose bumps on Harlee’s arms, and she snuggled deeper in her scratchy bedding. Although the animal received no response, it sounded far too close.

“I’m cold, Logan.” Harlee sought the comfort of knowing her companion was awake.

“The fire is still going.” He pointed out the obvious.

“I don’t care. It’s cold and these blankets are making me itch…and I’m not so sure about nearby animals.”

He propped himself on an elbow. The fire’s reflection showed his furrowed forehead. “What, exactly, would you like me to do? I put your bed over there so I wouldn’t be tempted by having you near, and…I can toss another log on the fire if you want but that’s the bed you’re stuck with.”

“Didn’t you hear the coyote?”

“Yes, but like I said, the fire will keep them away. Sound can’t hurt you, so let ‘em yowl all they want.”

She sat up, pulling her blanket to beneath her chin. “But what if the fire dies and you’re asleep?”

“I swear, Harlee. I’m bone tired and we have to get up early. 
Would you like me to track the animal down and shoot it?”

“No…don’t do that.” She shook her head, swaying her locks from side-to-side.

“Then what?”

“I want to sleep closer to you.”


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Tricia McGill said...

Looks like another winner, Ginger. And love the cover.

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