Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Smell Your Shoe...Have You Stepped in Something?

Isn't it amazing how we ofen pick the wrong time to jump into an ongoing conversation? Recently, I wrote an email  I thought was a polite and inquiring post to my author's loop, and when I read it aloud to my sister after I  got the scolding of my life, sis informed me my post sounded like my intent was to bait someone into an argument, and that if I intended to call someone out for what I considered bad behavior, I needed to grow a pair and be literal rather than dancing around the subject. Imagine my surprise since causing a problem was never my intent.  True, I did hope I was showing support for a peer by defending her actions, but I was simply clarifying why what she posted was so bad. Color me dense.
I seem to have a knack for causing confrontations that I despise, because I've never liked making anyone upset or being upset myself.  Honestly, to me this shows how someone can interpret something so differently than how we mean it.  I simply wanted clarification about what someone considered okay to post on loop so I didn't get myself into trouble, but I landed smackdab in mess of it.

As a result, I got publicly spanked, and then received a couple of chastizing emails from my publisher for daring to continue a threat she found contentious.  She told me I had no idea what had gone on previously, and she was right...so how would I know anything about how she felt?  

At this point, because she asked me not to contact her further, I'm unsure of my future there, and feeling like crap.  I just had three new books released there, and she also informed me she regrets helping me by placing an ad for one...something she does for all her authors.  I'm working on a story now...do I finish it or not?

There's nothing I can say at this point, and the real reason for posting this today is to warn you to "watch where you step."  What you think you doing and what you actually do might really shock you.

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