Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sunday Snippets from Sarah's Soul *WIP* with Ginger #sundaysnips

Today I'm sharing a snippet from Sarah's current work in progress.  Please know this is from an unedited version and is the first draft.  Things can change, and often do.


The phone was ringing when Sarah unlocked the door.  The police had removed the tracking device right after George died so Sarah had had the telephone mounted to the wall.  She left the door open and rushed to pick up the receiver, hoping for good news.  “Hello.”

“You feeling safe, Sarah?”  A deep voice turned her blood cold.

“Who is this?” Her hands shook, but she made frantic motions toward the phone  to grab Marie’s attention.

“Someone who plans to finish the job poor ol’ George started.” His words send a shiver up her spine.

“Why?  Do you know me?”  Sarah’s fright drove her determination to discover who wanted her dead.  She put her hand over the mouthpiece.

“Marie,” she whispered. “Phone Daniel on your cell and tell him the calls are starting again.”

“Who am I? Oh, we're somewhat acquanted.  Enough for me to know Marie is still there and most likely calling the police, but they aren’t going to find me by trying to discover where this call originated.  I’m not that stupid.  I won’t call again because you alreadyvknow I’m going to make sure to take Sarah’s Soul.  See you soon.”

Sarah hung up and sagged into a dining room chair. “Not again.  Please Lord, not again.”  She covered her eyes to mask her tears.

Marie bent and hugged her. “Don’t cry Sarah.  Daniel is coming right over.  He’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Sarah jerked up her head. “There is no bottom.” She sniffed.  “The man on the phone said he won’t call again because I already know I’m going to die.  There’s nothing Daniel can do. Whoever is making these calls wants to torture me too.  Why else would he  warn me instead of just snuffing me out?”

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Jamie Hill said...

Great snip Ginger. I'll continue to stop by and share your posts. :D

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