Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Inspiration for Geriatric Rebels

Sometimes people ask where I get the inspiration for my books. The idea of Geriatric Rebels first came to me when my father was in a nursing home. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get out of bed, but he did refuse to eat or take meds. After years of working as a tile setter, it had taken its toll and he suffered with arthritis in his knees and back, so much so that he wasn’t able to stand or walk. 
During several of my visits, I noticed a little old lady walk past his room. She always stopped and looked in, but never spoke, just looked at us for a minute and went on her way. 
Something about her reminded me of my mother. Maybe it was her
curly, silver hair, or her slight build. Whatever it was, she stuck in my mind and years later when I decided to write this story, she naturally came to mind.
This story actually had several different drafts. The original was a nonfiction assignment for a writing course I took. It was strictly about my father and his inability to get out of bed. From there it changed to fiction, and I brought Elsa into the story.  While her character is based on my mother – especially her love of playing jokes and her sense of humor, my mother predeceased my father by three years. And while Mike is based on my father, my dad didn’t have the same sense of humor. While I could picture my mother doing this stuff, even in a nursing home, I honestly couldn’t picture my dad. His sense of humor was much more sedate.
Where I came up with these ideas, I’m not quite sure. I think Mike and Elsa thought of them. The story just took off on its own and flowed. I love when a story does that.
Geriatric Rebels is the story of  seventy-two year old, Mike, forced to stay in the nursing home for therapy. He refuses to take his medicine, refuses to get out of bed, and won’t cooperate with the nurses. At least not until he meets Elsa. 
The spunky, seventy year old, Elsa was left in the home because her son took his family on a vacation. After an explosive meeting, she teams up with Mike and the nursing home is never the same. They become fast friends and later discover deception and fraud. Can the two find happiness together? Is there life after seventy?


Tricia McGill said...

I look forward to reading this one. My motto is, "You are never too old". It's all numbers anyway. I know people who are years younger than me yet carry on as if they have one foot in the grave.

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

I certainly hope there's life after seventy since I just turned that magical number yesterday. I read and loved this book...and I recommend for everyone, young and teetering on the edge of senority.

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