Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You Think It's Only Veteran's Day... by Ginger Simpson

Surprise...it's Ginger's Eve.  Yes, I created this holiday years ago, but tomorrow is really THE big day, and one that has caused me a lot of stress.  I'm turning 70.  Yikes...it even hurt to type that.  Why is there such a big deal in one year over another?

My siblings and I are all 3 years apart.  My youngest is 60, then my second sister who will be 63 in January, a brother who will be 67 in February, and then me.  For a few fleeting moments, we all share the the same decade, and then I begin a new one.  I think that's what causes me angst...that and the old woman in the mirror and the wrinkled hag who keeps cropping up in my "selfies."

Today is, more importantly, the day we salute our military and remember the veterans who have given so much to keep us safe and free.  I suppose that should be higher on the list than anticipating a birthday, so don't feel bad for me if you prefer to be selective.  I normally give them preference, too, but this year is a big deal for me, and I'm being selfish.

Mom - 91
So...when you take a moment to honor the Veterans, please remember me.  I haven't done anything as memorable or appreciated.  I guess living to be the age that Obama considers no longer viable for healthcare might not be a milestone one wants to recognize, but I'm here, Praise the Lord and I plan on staying.  My mom just turned 91 on the 1st, so there's hope.  I swear she's going to make 100, at least.

Me...right on her heels

I'd also like to remember my cousin, Barbara Ann.  Today actually is, or would be, her 70th Birthday.  She and I were born 14 minutes apart all those years ago, and I was so sad when I tried to locate her one year only to discover she had passed from Cancer.  Amidst feelings of sorrow, I also found a moment of sheer joy that I've been spared from such a horrific fate.  I pray I continue in good health if only to see my autistic grandson, Spencer, grow into the independent man I hope he'll be.  Having good friends is the best medicine I know, so I thank you for being one of mine.

If nothing else...call someone and tell them you love them!  Do it for me because I lost track of Barbara and never go a chance to tell her how much she meant to me.

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