Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sunday Snippets with Ginger Simpson #sundaysnips

This week I'm sharing a little more of my WIP, Sarah's Hope, which I hope to finish this month.  I hope you enjoy it, but remember this is the first, unedited draft:

While she waited for Daniel, she wandered down the hallway..“Mr. Crane?”  Sarah stood in the doorway of her supervisor’s office.  Uneasiness trembled in her voice.
“Yes.”  He turned, brows raised.
“I-I’d like to reconsider my earlier decision if you don’t mind.”
“About taking time off?”  His mouth pulled into a frown.
“Yes.  I’d like to get away for a while, and I’m considering a trip to another country.”
“Another country?”  His voice climbed an octave.  “How long would you be gone?”  He dropped a file onto his desk and crossed his arms across his bulging stomach.
Sarah squared her shoulders. “Since you mentioned hiring someone to fill in for me, I’d like to request a month away.”
The sun shining through the window behind him cast what looked like a halo around his head.  Sarah almost laughed since he was anything but angelic.  “What do you think,” she asked, feigning bravery she didn’t feel.  The man had an intimidating presence—always did.
He cleared his throat and adjusted his tie. “I suppose if you need time off, you need time off.  I’ll put in a call and arrange a temporary person.  When do you plan to leave?”
“At once...i-if that’s okay.  I received another threat here at work today, and I’d really like to just disappear for a while.  I don’t plan to let anyone know my destination, so if you don’t mind, I’m not even going to tell you.”
He stiffened.  “Surely you don’t suspect me?
Sarah shook her head.  “Oh, it's not that, sir.  Not at all, but I figure the fewer people who know my whereabouts, the better.”
Mr. Crane cleared his throat again.  “Well, then enjoy your time away, and I hope the police find whoever is behind all your woes.  I’m sure I’ll get someone in to read while you’re gone.  If not right away, I’ll still have Marie.”  He stared into space and massaged his chin. “Hmmm, maybe I’ll have an assistant editor step into your place.  That would save me some money”
“Right.”  Poor Marie.  She certainly wouldn't be happy to learn she was the sole senior editor, but given the circumstances, she’d understand.  Plus, she knew how cheap the boss was when it came to running the business.
  Sarah wanted to scream at him, but forced kindness to surface.  “Thank you, Mr. Crane. I’ll apprise you of any progress made, and I’ll see you in a month.”

Sarah slunk out of the office before her boss had a chance to reconsider his moment of niceness.  She glanced at her wristwatch—quitting time. Marie must surely be wondering where Sarah was.

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