Saturday, February 27, 2016

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We're changing our format a little.  I like being able to offer information other than tidbits from books, so like our Connie has been doing, today I'm sharing something different...responses to questions I recently posed about book covers:

1.  Most responders prefer people on the cover over just scenery.

2.  In series, it seems to be important to readers that the same people appear on the cover.  Specifically one response represented most answers:

"As for series covers, if the H/H from book 1 are the same for book 2, then I want to see them on the cover for book 2. If they are not the same H/H in book 2, then I prefer to see the new couple on the cover. And yes, matching covers models to characters is important to me."

3.  It's extremely bothersome to responders when the cover model does not match the description of the hero/heroine in the book.  For example...the heroine is blonde and there is a brunette on the cover.

4.  I also asked about video trailers and how closely the cover art should match the pictures used.  This was a mixed bag.  Some people don't even view trailers, others don't care because they use the video to see what books are about.

Feel free to leave your comments about your preferences.  I like learning new things.

You can view my covers and books on my Amazon page.

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Juliet Waldron said...

Interesting tips on covers. I suppose we've all got faces in our minds as we write. If only more of them were cover models... ;)

Tricia McGill said...

Yes, I'm a cover person too. I love my covers to have people on them, although I guess there are times (such as a horror story or likewise) when more dramatic effect is needed. I hate it when the cover model does not match the characters in the story. I have been disappointed with some of my own book covers in the past, but love all my latest BWL covers. Some covers are so good you can't wait to get into the book.

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