Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pronouns Suck Sometimes

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Pronouns are a necessary evil to avoid the redundant use of a name, but I take exception with "it."
I have no idea how many times I've had to read backwards to discover what "it" is.  In my opinion, authors use that particular pronoun too many times.  I prefer using a hard noun, and my thesaurus if necessary to find the right word.

Another thing that bugs me...is it just me?  I cringe when there are two people talking in the story, and it's readily apparent they are the only two in the room, but the author feels the need to keep using tags to identify them.  Hey, give the reader credit for being smart enough to figure things out.  John said and Fred said after every sentence is just too much.
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One more tip....Deep POV.  If you are writing from the POV of your main character and have been for sometime, there is no need to use introductory phrases to define who sees, feels, senses, etc.  If you've made if clear to the reader whose POV your in, then all the above belongs to that person and you don't need to identify for the reader.

Example of an annoying read in my opinion:

I've been writing about Clare for some time.  It's clear to the reader she is the heroine in my story and is the person in the driver's seat...

Clare looked at Jason and sighed.  His broad shoulders stretched his shirt seams to the limit and his smile rivaled the sunshine.  She wondered how she got so lucky.  She felt like a princesss in one of the fairytales her mother once read her.


Jason's broad shoulders stretched his shirt seams to the limit.   His smile rivaled the sunshine.  How had she gotten as lucky as the princess in one of the fairy tales her mother once read aloud?  An audible sigh escaped her lips, and he turned at the sound.  She smiled to display her contentment.

Perhaps a little corny, but I think you get the point.

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Avoid redundancy, especially within the same paragraph.   Using the same word over and over is a sign of a lazy writer, and you want to show your creative side.  I use my online Thesaurus religiously to find ways to express sentiments without repeating myself.

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Remember, short sentences emphasize emotions better than long ones.  Don't stretch the limits of human readability by creating the longest sentence in the world.  Periods make sense...use them.

This is all my feeble brain can think of to share at the moment, but I'll be back with more things that bug me.  You can bet on it.  *lol*

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