Thursday, June 16, 2016

Blogging on my Birthday by Connie Vines

Yes. It truly is my birthdaywhich explains why my posting is a bit late.

Last year was spent in Palm Springs where the temps reached 116 degrees (I decided not to repeat that adventure this year!)  This year will be spent at home where I can enjoy the soft SoCal breeze and the cool, sunny day.

I am, however, keeping track of our friend, Ginger, as she vacations in South Dakota.
Since I too have enjoyed a vacation, or two, in the Dakotas I will preempt her with a few picture of my own as a teaser to what she will share.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

The amazing Badlands (remember Thunderheart?)
The Black Hills
Mt. Rushmore

This is where I went shopping for my birthday cake :-)

Where I went shopping for my Happy Birthday Cake!

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