Thursday, September 8, 2016

Paw Patrol by Connie Vines

I am a little late in posting today.  This is because I'm on PAW Patrol.

My little Chanel, my poodle-mix, was spayed 5 days ago.  She is healing quite nicely, thanks for asking.  However, if you have ever taken care of an ailing child--or puppy, you know I am getting 'disturbed' sleep.

Like most novelists, I also hold a day job (in education field).  

And like a care provider for any recovering puppy, I make 3 to 4 trips during the night to the great outdoors holding a squirming puppy.  A puppy, mind you, that must be leashed and gingerly allowed (without getting her stitches wet/dirty) to walk in the grass of business.  Then take her back to her kennel for a 'nap'.

Fortunately, my husband is able to take care of her during the day.  Why Chanel only makes 4 outside tarps between 7 and 4, I do not understand.  Of course, feeding time takes place during the day, but that doesn't result in sleep deprivation, to staggering around in the dark.

So it is now 8:45, Chanel is in bed, and I am happily sitting with my iPad in my lap writing this blog post and listening to an episode of Moose TV.

Happy Thursday everyone.

I will be back next week,
Connie Vines

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