Sunday, November 13, 2016

Who is that Blonde with I.B. Nosey? (Coming Attraction) By Connie Vines

Blonde:  I.B., my darling milacku, * gushes* I have been thinking of you since our last encounter.

Who is that Blonde with I.B. Nosey?
NOSEY.: Ah. . .* squinting* Lady I don’t remember--

Blonde: You must recall that magical time. *she pouts* We were discussing SteamPunk fiction and Zombies. My novel.

NOSEY.: SteamPunk Zombies?! *inching away* 

Blonde: Not SteamPunk Zombies! *snagging his tie* SteamPunk fiction. It is a fantasy world that employs steam power. Imagine the two of us, milacku, floating above the clouds in a lighter-than-air airship, shouting to be heard over the drone of the propellers. And the clothing, milacku. You, in your Mad Scientist Howie Lab Coat. I in my dark blue beaded flapper dress… there is a wonderful little Steampunk coffee shop in downtown Burbank. *gives provocative flutter of lashes*

NOSEY:  I, ah, *eyes bulging with fear* There are Zombies in Burbank?

Blonde:   No, of curse. . .I mean, of course not. Not yet, anyway. * tugging him nearer* Milacku, stand still. What is that nasty gray stain on your jacket lapel? I do believe I have a Tide stain stick in my Gucci handbag. *searches through bag*

NOSEY: Hey, now wait just a—

Blonde: What?

NOSEY: Is that. . that green stuff Zombie Goo?

Blonde: I.B. there is no reason to become—

NOSEY: Holy Gum Drop!  It is.  It’s--

Blonde: Almost Halloween.  Yes, I know.

NOSEY:  I remember you now.  I interviewed you.  There was a Gypsy. . .and Zombies . . .

Blonde: I.B. do not frighten our readers.  “Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow” is part of my Sassy and Fun Fantasy Series published by BWL.  Available on  For only pocket change.

NOSEY: Pocket change?

Blonde: Yes.  Did you download your copy?

NOSEY*tapping e-Reader hidden in jacket pocket* Yes. . . I interviewed someone in Forest Falls once. . .

Blonde: I know *gnashing teeth* that was me!

NOSEY:  Ah . . .I gotta run--

Blonde:  I sent you a basket of posies fashioned in the likeness of my little Chanel *running after him in her high heels*.  You never said thank you!  I.B.!  I.B. Nosey, to come back here!

The basket of posies The Blonde sent to I..B. Nosey

This is not THE END of the tale of I.B. Nosey and the Blonde.

 I.B. Nosey returns next month to Dishn' It Out!.  We will all discover, Who is that Blonde with I.B.?

Remember to download your copy of:  HERE TODAY, ZOMBIE TOMORROW!

Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow available exclusively @

 BWL- website  

This is the Coming Attraction for Saturday's feature.
Didn't you just adore my cyber-sweetie's appearance Friday on 'Dishin' It Out'?

Suspense is good for everyone!

Hop on along today's Sunday Snippet path!  You'll see me right back here on Thursday and Saturday.
The 'Blonde" will stepping onto the cyber stage.


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