Sunday, November 13, 2016

"Classic Ginger" First Breakup

A few years ago, I entered a Valentine's contest which required I write five various articles on firsts.  As February approaches again, I've decided to trip back down memory lane and share my first silly breakup with you.  Funny how we learn what's good in life as we grow older.  :)

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It was over.  I couldn't believe I'd cheated on my boyfriend...and with his buddy, to boot.  What was wrong with me?  I had the most handsome boyfriend in the Air Force, stationed only a few miles from my house and I blew it.  Sure, my dad didn't approve of me dating GIs, but I'd gotten my neighbor to sign my permission slip to be a Jr. Hostess at the base dances.  All those nights my parents thought I was at my friends...well, I sort of was.  :)

But those memories were gone.  I'd thrown away a blue-eyed, blond hunk for a chance to go out with someone who looked exactly like Fabian Forte, and now I hated that I'd been so stupid.  I couldn't stop crying, and Woody's phone calls, while drinking, of course (yes he was older than me), kept reminding me that I'd broken his heart.  Still I questioned how much he cared for me when he refused to call me by name because he thought I looked more like a, "Sue."  Maybe that was an omen. Still, the thought of not being with him hurt my very soul.

I went to school the following Monday, depressed, upset, and wanting to be anywhere but in a classroom trying to concentrate.  All I could think about was getting Woody back.  But how?  It didn't dreams were dashed during lunch, when I overheard a friend, Diana, talking about how she was now dating Woody since he'd tossed me in the trash.  Broken heart my buttcheek!  He hadn't wasted a minute of time getting over me.

  Although I can't say I didn't smile when I heard her tell her friend that they couldn't actually "date" for a while since he'd broken both his legs jumping off the barracks balcony after he discovered I'd cheated.  Alcohol seems to make people think they're invincible or something. My immediate thought was,   I wonder if Bill, Fabian's twin, is still available.  To shorten my story, he wasn't, but I ended up with another cutie as my next possible conquest.  It's amazing how quickly your heart heals when you're young, and there are so many possibilities.  :)

Postscript:  I still wonder what happened to Woody, and wish he hadn't had such a common name (Johnny Woods).  I'd love to know if life was kinder to him after he left the military.  I know Diana and he lasted only a short time, and she married another of our classmates and they're still wed to date.  I went on to find happiness with my first husband, and we lasted thirty-two years, so that's not a bad track record.  :)  I'm on marriage number two now and we'll celebrate our 20th this year, although we jokingly tell people it's been fifty.  God, I'm old.  I've been married longer than most people have been alive.  Don't know how that works when I'm actually 35 in my mind.

If you have time...I invite you to listen to my new favorite song that I would sing to my hubby if I could carry a tune.  :)

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Tricia McGill said...

Thanks by making my day, Ginger, by letting me listen to one of my all time favorite Kenny songs. Even though it brought me to tears, as always.

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