Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sunday Snippet by Ginger Simpson

Welcome to Snippet Sunday
The rules are simple. 

1. Sign up in the Linky List below. The Linky List will go live 12:01AM Monday and will close at 11:59PM Saturday night every week.
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3. Open to both un-published and published authors.
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Now here's the part where I endeavor to tease you into reading more of the featured story.  Today, I'm sharing, Time Invested.  If you like WWII movies, the music, and the romance, you'll connect with Meagan.  Here's a snippet:

March 1943

Meagan Murphy tapped her toe beneath the food-laden table despite the fact she’d been
hunched over it for hours, dishing out portions at the weekly USO dance. Preferring to find a partner and have a little fun, she methodically spooned mashed potatoes onto passing plates and eyed the “Jitterbuggers” on the floor.

“May I have some gravy please?” A deep voice drew her attention.

The eyes she looked into darkened, and his perfectly formed lips curved into a dimpled smile. She cleared her throat and picked up the ladle. “Say when.”

“How about right after I polish off this chow.”

“Excuse me?” She cocked a brow.

“You said, say when. I thought you were inviting me to dance.” He winked.

Like Megan's story?  You can find it on Amazon.


  1. Awww, seems like such a sweet read :) I always love the little quirks where things are taken out of context for the better :)

  2. BTW, I"m trying to stop in and comment on everyone this morning and some I can't find. Do some go up late?

  3. I don't understand why, but I guess some post the day of. I've had mine up and scheduled to go live at 2:00 AM since last Sunday. :)

  4. I scheduled mine right when I signed up last week too :)

  5. How did I miss this Sunday? That's a lovely excerpt and I can't wait to read more!

  6. Oh, and I've set mine to post at 6 am (central) on Sunday. I'll try to be consistent about that because I always like to schedule them to post early enough that it's live from morning on.

  7. Thank you for hosting this! It's great exposure! And thanks to Amber at Don't Squat With Your Spurs On for turning me on to this.

    I'm hoping I did it correctly since I'm new to this "linkup" thing. (I posted a quicky on my blog, then linked.)

  8. Thank you all for participating, and I'm sorry I didn't make my rounds to everyone's blog, but I had a bug and wasn't on the computer very much for a few days. The sign up will always be at the end of Sunday's blog, and you'll sign up for the following week. I'm so happy to have people want to join in. I appreciate each of you and I hope this brings you some blog traffic.

  9. Thanks for joining up Jamie :)


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