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How Can Contemporary Fiction Keep Up With A Changing World? #Round Robin #WriterTips

How Can Contemporary Fiction Keep Up With A Changing World?

Thank you, Dr. Bob, for this month's topic.

I write in multiple genres. For obvious reasons, history takes place in the past, and technology isn't an issue.  However, accurate historical knowledge (especially by YA) readers, perhaps should be discussed at another time.

Contemporary Stories

I find to keep up with tech, climate, and social focus (coffee pot vs coffee pods; someone should be a vegan; changes in fashion, etc.) I need to update my novels every 3 to 5 years unless I wish to market them as 'vintage'.

This isn't a real problem with my Western stories or my RomCom Paranormal stories.

My urban/big city stories often require revisions after the book is completed and ready for submission.

AI (artificial intelligence) do I need to mention its possible impact on selecting an employee for a position?

If I'm building a series, my choice will have a longer reach than if it's a stand-alone novel.

I try to avoid 'hot buttons' in contemporary novels because the focus is on "the romance', 'the humor', or 'life in a small town'.

Paranormal/ SiFi

I believe it's much easier to slide contemporary (hot-button) issues into this genre.
Not as a pro/con on the part of the author; observation and possible outcome of a misstep 

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I'm working on my laptop with limited WiFi here in SoCal.

Weather conditions in the burbs are unexpected this week:  rain, 60 - 85 mph wind gusts, hail storms, blizzard warnings in the nearby mountains/ passes, and a small tornado that ripped out a 50 ft pine tree. (all fodder for a future novel or two 😆 .)


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  1. I hope you stay safe in that stormy weather you're getting. I will refrain from discussing my weather. In any case, you make a good point with your suggestion that genre does offer different options on introducing some hot button issues. Dedicated romance readers don't expect controversy except between the hero and heroine, but others are more flexible in what they are willing to read, believe and take exception to or not.

  2. I chuckled at your 'vintage' books comment, but it was a valid point. I have started reading many books thinking they are truly contemporary and then find someone might be opening their flip-phone or listening to the rattle of a dot-matrix printer. That ages them right there. I hope your weather situation improves.


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