Thursday, February 28, 2008

Truckin with Prissy Again

Poor Prissy...she isn't having a very good time in the Peterbuilt. I empathize with her. If you've never trucked across 48 states on an air seat, you just haven't lived the good life. *lol* To say I had to hitch up my bra straps a few notches is an understatement. But luckily, that exciting part of my life is behind me.

Some of the trip was fun and I enjoyed spending time with my husband, but give me a good hot shower, clean clothes and a places to tinkle besides on a porta-potty in the back of a moving big rig on a rough road. :) Since I usually sleep with a white noise machine, the all night purring of diesel engines around us didn't bother me at all, but I did have to get use to a vibrating bed. You might think that makes for a great sex life, but I have one word for you... NOT!

People have no idea how difficult the life of a trucker really is, and let me tell you folks, I never respected them more for putting up with the antics of people in cars than I did after having witnessed stupidity for a month. It was like a wake-up call the next time I got into a car. All I can tell you is now, when I see a trucker's signal, I flash him and let him in. Or HER...the number of female drivers is on the increase. I admire you 'ladies of the highway', you've got more guts than I have.

Hubby kept suggesting that we team drive. I considered getting my license until I witnessed the parking situations. Sometimes it's like threading a needle to park that 53 foot trailer between two others, especially when you're using mirrors only. If you look in the rear view mirror, you only see the sleeper. *lol* Or me sitting on the bed, biting my nails. It made me so nervous, I had to close the curtains and hide until hubby was done...either that or get out and take a walk. It takes practice to park those puppies, and often there was an audience. I always suffer from performance anxiety, so I figured it wasn't a career I should pursue. When I saw a woman take the stack off another rig in a truck stop, I decided, ain't for me!

Hubby drives locally now and is home at night. It's a vast improvement, but strange as seems, when a big rig passes us sometimes, I get an urge to suffer again. :)

Just remember everything you use, from aluminum foil to zinc oxide salve was brought by truck to your local stores. Keep on Trucking America, but please let the cost of fuel plummet cause we all end up paying in the end.

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