Friday, March 7, 2008

There Should Be A Law!

Thought I'd share the email I sent to a few friends. Hey...if you don't laugh at SPAM, it can drive you crazy. I do think there should be a law against people promising you tons of money, though.

Great News, I just received an email from Nigeria,telling me that I've been selected to inherit ten million dollars. Of course this is about the fiftieth one this month, but this one is filled with Bible verses and the woman is dying of cancer with no heirs, so it must be true. I almost didn't see it, mixed among the emails researching the cleanliness of my colon, asking if I want to enlarge my penis (don't have one, but how kind of them to inquire) and offering to share nude photographs with me. How blessed I am that so many care about my financial situation. Right below the notification of my immediate wealth was notice on how to cease debt collections and advice on how to earn a respectable living as a police officer. Amidst the joy and caring, I'm just really concerned about who is spreading rumors about my dirty colon.

Hope I gave you a giggle. Have a great weekend.

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Billie Jo said...

I sooooo agree Ginger.

Billie Jo

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