Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hi there from Clare London - here to say hello from a sunny spring morning in the UK, and to read up on all the news you fellow bloggers and visitors have!

I'm a permanently exhausted mother of 2 teenagers, working full time, and creeping about in my spare time (when's that, then?!!) to write stories. I write mainly in the m/m genre, with MASQUERADE published by Eternal Press (www.eternalpress.ca/masquerade.htm) - a gorgeous, erotic, exotic collection of short stories, as evidenced by my cover here! Anyone who implies that I'm more than a little in love with this cover would, of course, be right *lol*. Don't tell Hubby. Actually, don't tell the teenagers either, though they'd only roll their eyes heavenward.

Work for me has been all-consuming at the moment and I've had very little time to write, ever since the year began. But I've got exciting news, I have a very different short story out at Eternal Press this month called MY OWN WINGS. It's women's fiction, about a period in Sara's hectic, not very rewarding life when she begins to notice being shadowed in her dreams by a mysterious, yet benevolent man. I'll post again later in the week about it, if that's OK with you all.

Is this a new development in the Life of London (Clare, that is LOL)?!! ^__^
Keep an eye on this blog to find out!!!

What I love about these blogging days is the wide range of styles I come across from other authors - although as an author I like to write in mainly one genre, I will read almost anything. I love to hear what other people are working on.

Talking of which, I ought to go back and spend some part of my lunch time leisure on deciding where to go next. I've just finished the edits on a sequel to my first novel, THE GOLD WARRIOR ( with Dreamspinner Press www.dreamspinnerpress.com) , it'll be called THE TWISTED BRAND and it's been very rewarding to take established characters even further on their life journey.
I notice other authors contributing to the blog have their own novel series - it builds a great communication between author and reader, so we can all share in the fun!

So what's next for me?
Try to bully, sorry persuade, my publisher to consider a #3 book in the series?
To dust off and bravely submit that bodice ripper novel in 18th century Devon, the adventures and loves of a trio of friends from very different backgrounds?
To continue the contemporary, mildly humorous m/m novel that I'm enjoying writing but is staggering rather slowly on the keyboard?
To eat my sandwiches??

To be continued....
Enjoy your week, everyone!

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