Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Official!

Yep, it's official. We've become old and boring. I decided to spend some time with my hubby today because I've been neglecting him with all my editing, writing, and emailing. His pouting finally got to me.

We talked about what we wanted to do. Movies? Nah, he's practically blind from watching television while I plunk away on this computer. Bowling? Nope, both of us have bad backs and are so out of shape it would most likely incapacitate one or both of us. It's too late for skiing, even if there was snow and we could, or dared. We don't own a boat even though we live within a stone's throw of the river, and shopping is out...we do that far too often anyhow. The refrigerator seems to eat all the food we put into it. It's always empty. Of course proof that might be a lie hangs on my hips and around his stomach.

We don't have reservations for camping, besides the cost of gas to tow the trailer anywhere would take next week's paycheck. So what do two 'somewhat' senior citizens do for excitement. Sex is definitely not an option as our six month 'conjugal' visit has come and gone. *rofl* So, we decided to be daring, cross the state line and go play Bingo! I used to go with a group of gals, just for the fun of it, but we were the 'youngsters' then. Now I have the gray hairs and lack of energy to do anything else but sit and 'daub'.

Yes, we've definitely become boring. We're banking that we might win, and the prize will fill the gas tank so we can come home. B9 is my favorite number. I have no idea why, but I'm counting on it today. If not, you may have to forward our future mail to Kentucky. Wish us luck. :)


Latesha said...

LOL Ginger. I hope that you and your hubby had a good time playing Bingo. I like to play it on one of those game weebsites. A group of us at work have a semi-annual Bingo night at the home of one of the gals. A good time is had by all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, not so much of the oldie implication *lol*. They've just announced the next staff evening out at my work and it's off to the Bingo!! That includes all of us, from age 25 to (not-so) age 25 like me!! We're hoping to win a fortune and none of us will go into work the next morning.

Clare :)

Ginger Simpson said...

Well, we didn't win, but except for coming home smelling like we smoked fifty cigarettes, we had a nice time. We sat in the non-smoking room which I thought was a nice touch until I looked up and saw the glass ended eight feet up and the rest was lattice. Who thought of that? Actually, the ceiling fans just pulled the smoke through the opening and didn't do much to help at all. This is when I miss California. They have pretty strict laws about smoke and I appreciate them. I stopped for a reason. :)

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