Sunday, May 4, 2008

Your Ticket to Escape

Yesterday I posted two incredible blogs, written by Phil Harris. He gave a very realistic viewpoint of our economy, and while some may believe this is a cyclical event, it's quite possible the economy may have passed the point of non-cycling. I started thinking about his comments and how all this is impacting my life as an author. Actually, it may work to my advantage, sad as that may sound.

A friend of mine received an newsletter from a Dorchester author in which she stated her publisher is offering people free Advanced Reading Copies of her book, as long as they commit to:

* Posting on message boards
* Suggesting it to fellow readers on one of your Yahoo! Groups
* Suggest the book for use in your local book club or readers group.
* Writing reviews on and
* Writing a review on book review sites such as,
* Blogging about the book
* Other creative ways you have to “spread the word”

Can it be that Dorchester is already feeling the pinch and trying to cut back on expenses? That would be my guess, although I have been known to be wrong. But why else make a plea that's totally new and unheard of in mainstream publishing? I think big publishers will react to the economic status more than the small publishers who offer e-downloads at a much more inexpensive rate.

As fuel continues to rise, the cost of other products will escalate accordingly. Truck drivers have to charge more to cover their expenses, stores have to inflate their prices to cover it. It's basic math in that respect. As Phil points out, the travel industry will suffer, and many more people will be staying home rather than taking planned vacations. It's depressing and scary at the same time, not knowing where our future is headed.

What do we want when we're depressed. ESCAPE. To find another world that's filled with laughter instead of stress...romance instead of worry. A place that's comfortable, appealing, and sometimes a fantasy world, sexual experience or something beyond our wildest imaginations. So will you turn to reading as a means of coping with the unpleasantness? A book is as close as your computer.

It's a great time for E-Books to shine. As long as you can log on and find your favorite e-publisher, you have all these worlds at your fingertips. You don't have to leave home to get your books, or pay the extra costs for the gasoline/diesel that delivered them. Your favorite e-published authors have your tickets on a travel train that will leave the station and whisk you away to the destination of their choice.

Is reading a book going to cure the economy? Probably not, but it sure beats sitting around and waiting for the next shoe to drop. Besides, you're still supporting the economy with your purchases, just not having to dig so deeply into your pocket for entertainment.

By the way, did I mention that Sarah's Journey, Sparta Rose and Embezzled Love will all be released within the next few months? Eternal Press, Enspiren Press and Lachesis Publishing are all great places to find whatever escape you need. *big smile*

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Joan said...

I agree that more people will be going to ebooks but until I can afford an ebook reader I will stick to the print books. I am an avid reader and spends a lot on books.

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