Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm still dumbstruck at the topics on 20/20 this week. I think they've hit the bottom of the barrel, featuring some 'idiot' who lives among the wolves, and the girlfriend who fell in love with him, despite his inability to bathe, brush his teeth, or wash his long gnarly hair. God forbid he remove the 'animal scent' and put himself into further jeopardy. I think I would have discarded the whole 'research' idea the first time they mauled my face, but then I suppose I'm just not all that adventuresome. How about watching a video on these canine creatures? Something filmed from a safe distance.

There has to be a better way to study the habits of animals than to live among them. Okay, maybe you can get in the cage and sit with them, pet them, even like them, but to chew up food and let them eat out of your mouth??? C'mon! Yuk. AND posturing over a dead carcass and pretending to protect your bloody territory? I can't even stand a rare steak.

I was amazed that the girlfriend saw this as a 'touching' experience as she stood there and cried tears of joy, her lip bleeding and her teeth red. Maybe she was just relieved that the wolf who briefly had her throat in his jaws, decided not to clamp down. I shiver at the thought of skydiving too, but I think, given the choice, I'd be jumping out of a plane.

And love! Ain't it grand? Although I do have to tell you that I can't recall ever wishing to find a man who smelled like a dog, had dirt-crusted LONG hair, and bad breath and wanted me to roll about with a bunch of wild animals. I keep trying to imagine when she met him in the bar, what attracted her to him? She wasn't 'all that and a bag of chips' but at least she appeared to have good hygiene habits.

Me thinks the man has lost his marbles...he even growls like a wolf, and the more I watched, the more I believed he actually looked like them. They say people eventually start to look like their pets... remind me to steer clear of pigs. *lol*

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