Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Mania

TEETH CLENCHING & HAIR PULLING. This is how I look every time I listen to a Fox new reports. Until I realized that most newscasters are 'in the pockets' of the politicians and switched, I was happily ill-informed. You hear about so many things at Fox that you don't hear on the channel newscasts.

I vowed to support President Obama when he took office, and hoped he would be the 'golden child' everyone prayed for. But, with each passing day, my belief that he's stepped in over his head, grows. I do so want to be proven wrong.

The major issue is unemployment, and Americans are going under for the third time. I haven't read the entire stimulus bill, nor do I want to, but I ask does millions of dollars in birth control, research on sexually-transmitted diseases, and the erection of a frisbee park help the majority of those struggling? There are so many lame expenditures in this package that don't do a damn thing but line the pockets of lobbyists and special interest groups. Isn't that how we got here?

The package will provide jobs, but most will be at the government level. There aren't many of those here in Tennessee, and definitely not in Show Low, Arizona, where my brother-in-law is stuck and unemployed. Maybe there are answers I'm not aware of, but this sounds like a load of pork to me.

Today's revelation left me speechless. Luckily for you, I can still type. I had no idea that at the end of January, President Obama signed a 20 million + bill that provides relief for Palestinians refugees. I'm sorry they're having problems, but if Hamas would stop lobbing bombs into Israel, maybe they wouldn't need relief. Regardless of the reason, this opens the gates for people from the most populated area in the world to come here, seeking help.

Let's do the math, shall we? We already have millions of unemployed or under-employed, we're bailing out our banks and car companies...staring at the vacant buildings that once housed small businesses, and struggling to keep from losing more. People who owned homes lost theirs to foreclosure, and even renters aren't safe. I don't suppose there is any money or aid for those of us who can't afford homes of our own? But I digress... So now, the President has probably borrowed that aid money and invited more people to come here and suffer with us. I guess since part of the refugee act includes benefits, he can shelter them in all the houses that have been repossessed by the banks and still sit empty because no one can afford to buy. Our social security coffers are probably almost dry, and we need about a zillion more people on welfare. What is he thinking?

My sister, really, really should be in congress. She had the best idea. Send the money to the general public. Let us pay off our bills, buy new cars, save our homes or even buy one, purchase clothes, shoes, and other necessities and a few luxuries, and we'll stimulate the economy ourselves. I could do a whole lot more if they sent me a sizable amount of money to pay off my debt. I could go to movies, out to lots of things that would help cause a surge in business and economy. As it is, I sit by feeling helpless knowing that my future is in the hands of people we elected who don't even know how to balance their own checking accounts. I think we're screwed, but if there's a remote chance I may be wrong...I hope I see it.

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Skhye said...

I can't listen to news after studying Anthropology for 5 years. ;) If I do, I'm not allowed to listen to it with my husband in the room! He dislikes the way I point out everyone's bias...

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