Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Tuesdays are time for trivia, and after today I plan to make them book-oriented, but today I'm all about money! Let's see if you can answer the following ten questions.

1. Who is on the one dollar bill?

2. Who is on the five dollar bill?

3. Who is on the ten dollar bill?

4. Who is on the twenty dollar bill?

5. Who is on the fifty dollar bill?

6. Who is on the one hundred dollar bill?

7. who is on the five hundred dollar bill?

8. Who is on the one thousand dollar bill?

9. Who is on the ten thousand dollar bill?

10. Who is on the one hundred thousand dollar bill?

Bonus question. Is there a million dollar bill?

DO NOT answer your questions in the comments because that takes the fun out of it. I'll be drawing a winner from the correct answers for a free download of Embezzled Love. So email me and enter the drawing.


Anonymous said...

I have kids, step-kids and dogs. I see paper money for so little time it's hard to remember who's on it.

Unknown said...

I totally understand, Ed. I wouldn't have known anything beyond the 100 dollar bill if I hadn't looked them up on the internet. Those pennies I just to consider a bother have suddenly become very important.

Anonymous said...

Good point Ginger, the pennies do add up and also come in handy in low stakes poker games.

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