Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vonn Lane is Thankful...

Autumn is always a time of thankfulness for me, partly because it is by far and away the most beautiful season where I reside, but also because it serves as a threshold for the impending season of peace and goodwill.  It’s a gateway to an attitude of compassion and a sense of wonder.

 This November, I am most grateful for my two daughters who, while still young, are developing into young women of strength, courage and character.  They are learning that respect is an earned status, not a birthright, and that if they desire others to hold them in high esteem, they must first hold themselves in the same manner.  It is always a bittersweet proposition for a mother to recognize that she is not needed nearly as much as she once was, that things once confided are now being shared with best friends, and that “Mom” is looked upon more as chauffeur, errand gal, and chief cook and bottle washer.  Still, I know in my heart as I help them to fly that they will always remember who provided the “lift” to soar them airborne, and that even though they will eventually leave the proverbial "nest", they will also return to me time and time again - just as I do with my mother, and always will.  Yes, I still have my girls for the time being, but time is fleeting.  It sometimes marches forward abruptly and with little regard for whether we are ready.  It steals from us not just our youth and our hopes and dreams, but late night hot chocolate, giggles and girly-talk too.

 So, as I contemplate these sentiments, I am again infused with an almost overwhelming feeling of grace and blessings that while my daughters are blossoming and exploring the realm of independence, and that while many aspects of our relationship will change in the days ahead, the love between us, both unspoken and spoken, is a constant of which time will never erode.  For this, I am truly thankful.

Best wishes to all for a glorious Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.

Vonn Lane

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