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We View Reviews Wednesday

Well, this idea was a bomb.  I received no reviews to share this week except one of my own.  So, I'm posting it here...a girl's gotta pimp her work wherever she can. *smile*

            Ms. Simpson shows the result of someone being teased for something that they have no control over. As someone that had been teased all her formative years, I too know how it feels and give kudos to Ms. Simpson for writing about this sensitive subject.

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This book took me on a wildly emotional ride as I rapidly turned the pages until I had consumed the entire book down to the final satisfying sentence. The story is told in a straight-forward, matter-of-fact way that, for me, makes Carrie’s internal angst all the more powerful and believable. I feel like I was there with her, surrounded by dingy gray walls and cold steel bars. The various character interactions are portrayed realistically. All have well-defined motivations, and it was quite easy for me to picture the on-going action like a movie in my head. Speaking of which, this story would make an awesome movie! Highly Recommended!   

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Odessa is like walking straight into a nineteenth century western town and trying to survive. The descriptive words used to explain everything from the smells, to the heat, to the surrounding decorations, and so much more are vividly told through Ms. Simpson’s voice. This is a romance that has a sweet and slow cadence and leaves you watching as Zach and Odessa fight for each other and search for a way to survive life in general. I did find it slightly odd that Odessa came across as strong before she met Zach and then later in the story after Zach leaves for his job, Odessa seems to kind of just wilt as far as her bravery goes. Overall, this is a great western novel full of believability and enough action to keep you reading.

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Ms. Simpson introduces us to Callie and builds the suspense at a nice pace from the first bump of turbulence to the final confrontation between her eye-candy cowboy and the surly, swarthy gentleman. The aircraft is definitely in trouble and Callie is right in the middle of it. I highly recommend this story as a great waiting room read—as long as you aren’t waiting for a flight. ;-)

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