Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I apologize for not reciprocating visits last week, but I wasn't feeling well again.  I promise to do my best today.  I'm going to share another six sentences from my western historical WIP, Hattie's Hero, as it encourages me to write more, and faster.  I need to finish this story and get it published.  Hattie's wasted time by being silent and she's finally talking to me again.  Yippee!

Remember, Hattie is young, naive and experiencing new feelings around boys.  She's grown up in a orphanage and has always been the older child.  Now, striking out on her own as caretaker for the three Franklin children on a wagon train to California, she's attracted to Billy Monroe, the young man  Mr. Franklin has hired to accompany the family for extra protection and help.  Enter another handsome young man in the form of Deputy, Tom Wainright, and Hattie is even more confused...especially about why she is drawn to Tom when she likes Billy so much.  Here's one of the latest scenes between her and Billy after she's met Tom:

Billy side-stepped away and removed his arm from around Hattie.  He flashed a sheepish grin, wondering if she would say anything about his bold move.  The redness in her cheeks and the manner in which she shifted from foot to foot showed her uneasiness without her muttering a word.  He steeled himself and gathered his nerve.
“I thought he was payin’ a little more attention to you than he should have.  I wanted him to know that someone is lookin’ out for you so he didn’t get any notion that you’re…."

For more snippets from other authors, click back to Six Sentence Sunday and enjoy yourself.  I'm number 125 this week, and the number is still growing. You'll get addicted, so watch out.  :)  Want more?  Come back next week.


Megan Johns said...

Hope Hattie continues to talk to you. I would love to read the completed work

L. K. Below said...

Good luck with this book. I love the premise (have heard you talking about it before), and hope you finish it and get it contracted :) I want to read it!

Great six sentences, by the way.

Cate Masters said...

Love it when characters reveal themselves. Best of luck with this!

Angela Guillaume said...

Come on Hattie, keep talking. Such a sweet excerpt showing young love.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Nice! Sounds like a sweet book.

Chrystalla Thoma said...

It's sweet that he's looking out for her! :) Lovely six.

Taryn Kincaid said...

Enjoying these characters. Great voices.

C.R. Moss / Casey Moss said...

Ack! That you're... what? Great six! leave 'em hanging and wanting more!
C.R. Moss

gemma parkes said...

What a gentleman, very sweet, loved it!

Cassandra Carr said...

What an interesting premise! This book sounds awesome - you need to finish it!

Jessica Subject said...

Oh, I want to read more. An intriguing scene.

diannehartsock said...

I think Billy is starting to feel possessive. I hope Hattie can figure out what she wants. Very sweet six.

elaine cantrell said...

I like that he's looking out for her. So sweet.

Gem Sivad said...

Very nice dialogue revealing their personalities in a sweet six.

1000th.monkey said...

Interesting dynamics and I'm curious to see how the relationships will develop.

...I hate to tell you, but the first line is physically impossible :) His arm would have to come off her shoulders before he steps away, or it would come off while he's stepping away. It can't come off after the fact ;) I know it's a small, fussy thing, but those things really jump out at me ;)

Good luck!

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