Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jingle Balls Hop

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Welcome to a new experience for me.  I'm hopping with some pretty "big guns" in the adult-content department via this prize extravaganza hosted by Madame D's Boudoir and Satin's Bookish Corner.  I'm so out of my element, but it's Christmas, I like men, and I particularly love the badge for this hop.  Who could resist?

Addition & Correction:  The contest runs from December 12-17th and all winners will be announced on the 18th.  I'll be back on Sunday afternoon (December 18th) to leave the winner's name in comments.) One of the requirements is that I have a giveaway, and since it's Ho Ho HO time, I'm going to combine Santa's good list with his naughty and offer winner's choice to one lucky winner picked from those visitors who leave a comment.  Since I know people are nervous about posting their email addys...those dratted bots and all, I'll announce the winners in the comments section here on Sunday afternoon.  Check back.  :)

Choice One:  A free download of Virginia's Miracle - a sweet Christmas tale.
Choice Two:  A free download of Searcher's - written by someone very close to me, and penned with a lot of steam, Pepper St. Claire.

So, let the party begin...
Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is too ride...

Oh, heck, I never could sing very well, but I can write.  Let me share the following Christmas Story as my gift for joining me today:

Santa, The Tooth Fairy

Little Kayla sat near the Christmas tree and wiggled her lose tooth. She stopped and turned her attention from the crackling fire beyond the hearth. “Mommy, if I pull my tooth, do you think Santa will leave me a dollar.”

Her mother laughed. “I think you have things mixed up, honey. It’s the tooth fairy who leaves money.”

Kayla cocked her head and flashed that familiar look of independence. “I know that, Mommy! But if my tooth falls out at tonight, maybe Santa will reward me, too. I’m not sure if the Tooth Fairy works on Christmas Eve.”

Although only four, the child had a penchant for being creative. Margaret Tanner put her knitting aside and walked past her daughter to the fireplace. She poked at the logs and sent flaming fingers stretching up the chimney. “I don’t think Santa will have time to look under your pillow. You know, he’s very busy this time of year.” She walked back to her chair.

The front door opened, and a blast of cold air flickered the fire. “Daddy, daddy,” Kayla called, rushing over and grabbing him around the knees.

He ruffled her hair with his gloved hand. “Hi, Sweetheart. Let me get out of my coat and I’ll give you a hug. It’s cold outside.” He shrugged off his outerwear, sending snow flaking to the marbled entry hall floor. After hanging his coat in a nearby closet, he scooped Kayla into his arms and nuzzled her neck until she giggled. Stopping, he leaned his head back and studied her face. “Have you been a good girl today?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, and I’ve decided you can pull my loose tooth.”

He flashed a puzzled look at his wife.

She smiled. “We’ve already discussed the tooth fairy, but Kayla seems to think Santa should play a part.”

Her father placed Kayla on the ground, took her hand, and walked to his plaid recliner. Sitting, with her perched on his knee, he scratched his brow. “Why don’t we just wait until that tooth falls out on its own? There’s no rush.”

“But, I want you to pull it.” Her eyes clouded with tears and her little bow lips pulled into a pout.

“Then, let me see.” He took hold of the loose tooth and wiggled it. “You’re right. I think it could come out.” Russell Tanner ruffled her hair again.

“Then pull it, Daddy.” She scrunched her eyes closed and hunched her shoulders.

“I already did.” He held up a tiny, white enamel pearl.

Her eyes widened. She smacked her lips, then made a face. A wee bit of blood dotted her bottom lip.

“Come on, Kayla, let’s rinse out your mouth and get you ready for bed," her mother said. "Santa comes tonight and if you aren’t asleep, he’ll just pass us by.”

Kayla slid off her father’s knee and flashed a smile. She looked adorable with a space where her tooth was just minutes ago. “Thank you, Daddy. I wanted to see if Santa will leave me a dollar so I can put it in the offering plate at church tomorrow. It’s Jesus’ birthday and I want to leave him a gift.”

Remember, click on the hunky Santa at the start of this post to get back to the other links to follow.  Remember, some of the blogs host mainly adult-related material, so proceed to win at your own risk.  *lol*  Merry Christmas Everyone, and thanks to my hostesses for offering such a fun experience.


Stacey Siferd said...

Hi Ginger! Nice to meet you! Love Santa, the tooth fairy. LOL....Thank you for the great giveaway and blog hop opportunity!

Sending you Merry Christmas wishes!!!

stacey siferd

Unknown said...

Hiya!! Great giveaway, thanks for participating ;)

Good Luck everyone ;)

Emily Tardy said...

Awe that was cute... Thank you for the chance to win, I would love to win either books, but if I have to choose then I choose Choice Two!


Unknown said...

I hope your Christmas holiday is going good :)
Thanks for the giveaway.
This hop has been a lot of fun.

Julianne said...

I'm enjoying visiting all the stops on this hop. (I think I just like looking at the hunk on the hop announcement. :) )

MamaElk said...

Hi! That was the sweetest little story! Kayla is just a doll!

Thank you for taking part in the hop. :)

mamaelk1113 at gmail dot com

Barbara said...

Great giveaway....Merry Christmas!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the giveaway.


Shadow said...

Great giveaway! Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win!!

Unknown said...

I've put the names into a bowl and drawn...and the winner is...MamaElk. I'll be contacting her via email to determine her choice of prize. Thanks to everyone for participating.

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