Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ginger's Six Sentence Sunday

Today, I'm sharing sentences from one of my older releases that I love, Sarah's Journey.  I aspire to be like my heroine and hope the good traits Sarah portrays mirror my own.  I'm posting the blurb to set up the story for you.

Sarah Collins sets her sights on California for a new beginning but never dreams a war party will attack the wagon train she travels on.  She and her friend are the sole survivors, but when Molly succumbs to her injuries, Sarah has to find her way back to civilization on her own. Stampeding buffalo, the black prairie nights and eerie noises…just when she believes she’s facing the worst time of her life, a rattlesnake bite threatens to accomplish where the Indians failed.  Is it her time to die or does Sarah have a purpose that is yet to be accomplished? 

Here's today's six:
If not for the carnage, it would be a beautiful day—wispy clouds floated in a powder blue sky and an endless sea of waving prairie grass announced the arrival of spring.  The only sound came from the bubbling water in the nearby stream as it traveled over a rocky bed. 
Sarah remembered everything now.  They had just made camp when war cries sliced the air.  A few hours of daylight had remained, but one family’s illness prompted the wagon master to halt travel for the day.  Supper fires hadn’t even been lit when a band of whooping Indians with painted faces stormed the group.  

This book is featured with all my others on my Amazon Author's Page, and for sale directly from Eternal Press in both print and download.


Sherry Gloag said...

This would pull me in to read the story. Nice six.

gemma parkes said...

Damn Indians disturbing the peace! Very descriptive snippet!

Veronica Scott said...

I enjoy a good Western, wagon train stories are always enjoyable. I'll definitely be looking for this one to add to the kindle. Nice six!

D'Ann said...

Ginger~ I must read this book!

Anonymous said...

Since it's spring, how about a few wildflowers?

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I love westerns. A good six to pull you in, too.

patonlorraine said...

Wow, that first line is a great hook! I like the contrast between the spring and the carnage. And to be one of the only survivors - what a horrific scene to have faced in that moment!

Anonymous said...

Your amazing detail just wows the heck out me. My dad would love, love this book. He's so into history! I felt like I was watching a movie!

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