Friday, July 19, 2013

Robin's Round Robin Blog #rndrbn0713

This month's question is, "What you do to recover, recoup, relax, refresh, re-examine, or whatever."

I think I fall within the whatever category.  I'm retired and I've pretty much taken the status to the limit.  I take each day as it comes, and since I'm a pantser, I rely greatly on my characters talking to me.  Sometimes, they fall mute, as Yellow Moon has of late.  When that happens, I just walk away and wait for her to speak to me so I can continue.  Without the voices in my head, I'm lost.  I know other pantsers understand.

I've tried plotting, but it doesn't work for me.  As for research, as the story unfolds, I double check my facts to make sure they are accurate.  As an historical author, even in fiction, you want to maintain your credibility by making sure everything within the story fits the era:  language, equipment, homes, appliances, etc.  You wouldn't want to have your cowboy playing a Kazoo in 1860 since the instrument, according to my etymology online dictionary didn't exist yet...

kazoo (n.) Look up kazoo at

1884, American English, probably altered from earlier bazoo "trumpet" (1877); probably ultimately imitative (cf. bazooka). In England, formerly called a Timmy Talker, in France, a mirliton.
Kazoos, the great musical wonder, ... anyone can play it; imitates fowls, animals, bagpipes, etc. [1895 Montgomery Ward catalogue, p.245]

So, I guess in answer to the question, when I don't have voices in my head, I read. The best way to develop ones craft is to continue learning, and I do that by sampling the work of my peers. There are some really awesome reads out there, and there are some real stinkers, too. What better way to learn what to do and what NOT to do when writing?

Now, bounce on over to Billie Williams' blog and check out her answer to todays question.


Rhobin said...

Oh Lord, I'll be seeing cowboys with kazoos all day!
Fun post!

darkwriter said...

I totally agree with Rhobin. Kazoos?
Loved the blog.

Lynn Crain said...

What an interesting bit of trivia about the kazoo. When I belonged to a Red Hat group, we all had kazoos so we could have fun where we went.

And yes, reading is a great relaxer to me as well. I love to read and do nothing but read some days.

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