Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cover Reveal - First Degree Innocence and Sarah's Heart an Passion by Ginger Simpson #BooksWeLove

Usually Friday Freebits runs through Monday when Rita takes over, but I have a beautiful new cover to reveal and some exiting news.  Sarah's Heart and Sarah's Journey have been combined into one book, a new cover designed, and is now listed with Baker & Taylor and Ingrams. I received news yesterday that some orders have already been placed by retailers.  Whoot!

First Degree Innocence has been given a new look and another edit  to make it as perfect as possible and is being added to the catalog as well.  I'm very excited to see my best-seller, make the grade, and I hope I can soon snap a photo of one of my books in a brick & mortar store without having to smuggle it inside.  *lol*  I did that, you know?

Anyhow.  Thanks to Michelle Lee for such a beautiful job on the new covers and to Books We Love for helping me realize what has been a dream for a long time.  The new versions of these books are already for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and hopefully coming to a retailer near you, soon.  Ask them to order the products from Books We Love, and you won't go wrong.

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Unknown said...

Two books in one. What a great deal. That is a beautiful cover. Yes, Ginger, no doubt you will be in brick and mortar stores soon. You won't have to smuggle your books into--you know where--and snap the picture.
That made me laugh. Good for you. I hope your sales skyrocket.

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