Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Masculine Behavior for Believable Heroes (Part 3) by Connie Vines

Checklist for Masculine Characters

Be direct
Be issue orientated
Be analytical
Act casual even during a serious conversation
Make statements
Use short sentences
State his preferences
Verbalize only things he thinks is important
Give advice
Asks specific questions

He will not:

Ask a lot of questions
Ask leading questions
Turn statements into questions
Invite a ‘just talk’ situation
Speak in euphemisms
Use understatements
Downplay his idea
Let his sentence trail off
Volunteer his reasons
Hold eye contact for significant periods
Say, “I’m sorry” unless he really means it.
Tell stories about his failings
Get bogged down in introspection or self-doubt
Volunteer information about his feelings
Ask about others’ feelings
Ask for validation

I hope you have found this topic of masculine behavior for believable heroes informative.

Readers, what is your take on this topic?

Thank you for stopping by today.

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1 comment:

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

Enjoyed your post. I agree with most of your comments, but my heroes do let their sentences trail off...especially when they are showing their vulnerable side to the heroine. Also, I've been known to have my hero hold eye contact for long periods of time when he's expressing his feelings to his lady love. I don't think these things make him any less of a believable hero. Of course...asking for validation is something I've never done to my knowledge.

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