Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ginger's Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to Dishin' It Out and another Six Sentence Sunday.  As I told you last week, if you visited, I needed to switch gears because I'm trying to finish Sarah's Passion, the sequel to Sarah's Heart, so I'm putting Chugiak Moon on the back burner for a few weeks, and inviting you to share six sentences from my latest WIP.  I never expected to have one, let alone two Jimmy Thomas Covers, and I love both of them.

A little back story from the blurb for Sarah's Heart:  Previously published as Sarah's Journey

Will the man of mixed blood save her life, or will she save his? 

When Sarah Collins sets her sights on California for a new beginning, she never dreams a war party will attack the wagon train she travels on. She and her new-found friend Molly are the sole survivors, but when Molly succumbs to her injuries, Sarah is left alone to find her way back to civilization. While trying to mount a stolen horse, she suffers a rattlesnake bite that threatens to accomplish what the Indians failed. Is it her time to die or does Sarah have a purpose she's yet to discover?

Now, Sarah awakens in modern day Manhattan, a dream so real in her mind that tears still dampen her cheeks.  The goodbye kiss she shared with Grey Wolf (Nathaniel Elder) still burns on her lips.  How could a dream cause her heart to hurt so much?  Imagine her amazement when she answers a knock on her door and finds the man from her dream is a new neighbor coming to borrow a cup of sugar.  She remembers everything about him, even his name, but there isn't even a flicker of recognition in his beautiful hazel eyes.

Here's my six for the week:

“Nathaniel Elder.”  Sarah Collins leaned her elbows atop the manuscript spread across her desk and rested her chin between her raised palms.  Her editing chore forgotten, she stared into space, picturing “Wolf’s” handsome face and puzzling over the amazement that led him to her doorstep directly from a dream so real she awoke with tears still wet on her cheeks.

“Something wrong, Miss Collins?”  A brusque voice sliced through her thoughts.

Sarah jerked upright and stared into the face of her supervisor, Mr. Crane, who stood in her doorway, his unibrow crooked upward with piqued curiosity.

I hope you enjoyed my offering, and I also hope you'll return to Six Sentence Sunday and follow the links to more snippets. Ya'll come back, ya hear?


Silver James said...

I love having Jimmy on covers. He's such a nice guy, too!

Loved your six this week, too. You've got the "hand in the cookie jar" vibe between her and Mr. Crain wonderfully. And I think Nathaniel Elder might be a new favorite hero. ;)

D'Ann said...

Ha! Love it! I think Nathaniel just might surprise her, huh?


Sue Ann Bowling said...

Unibrow. Isn't that supposed to mean something? Like a werewolf?

gemma parkes said...

Now there's a girl with a lot on her mind! This looks like a great read!

Ginger Simpson said...

A unibrow means someone's brow has grown into one. Uni = united/one - brow=self explanatory. I don't think I would have used the word if I hadn't know what it meant, but thanks for finding something negative every week.

Ginger Simpson said...

Thanks, Gemma. I hope it will be a great read. I think we all strive for that. I sure liked your six today. :)

Ginger Simpson said...

I think Nate (Wolf is what she calls him through most of the story since that's the name she remembers) is in for the biggest surprise. *lol* Thanks for stopping by.

Ginger Simpson said...

Silver, I'm having fun with this one. Although the first one was mostly a western historical, this one has taken a totally different path and I'm loving it. :) Thanks for the compliment on Nathaniel. He's one of my favorite heroes from being the "gentlemen" in Sarah's Heart. :)

Amy said...

Love the blurb... and the six sentences! Great job!
Amy Durham

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I love JT Covers! Lovely! I enjoyed your six. She remembers Wolf- I can't wait until Wolf finds out exactly what she remembers. Sounds like an interesting read!

Veronica Scott said...

Love the concept - the six was terrific but I can't wait to read more, especially when and how *he* remembers the past. Good stuff!

diannehartsock said...

Still chuckling about the unibrow. :) I'm so curious about how it will all work out. Is it time travel? A previous life? Very intriguing!

Cate Masters said...

Oo, gorgeous covers! The unibrow made me laugh too. Another great six!

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