Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cover Reveal - Sarah's Hope

I'm pleased to share my new cover with you.  Sarah's Hope...a continuation of Sarah's life will be released soon by Books We Love.  I'm closing in on writing "the end."  I'm hoping everyone who read  Sarah's Heart and Passion will want to explore life a little further with Sarah.
If you want to purchase your own copy and be prepared...all my books are available via my Amazon page.  Oh...this beautiful cover was done by Michelle Lee.


Sarah Collins first began her journey on a wagon train bound for old west and met a man who’d become the love of her life. After waking from a dream she believed truly valid, she met her half Lakota-half-white man again…this time for real and in Manhattan…and married him.  Now Nathanial Elder (AKA Wolf) is dead at the hands of a drunk driver, and Sarah Elder is trying to get past her grief and get on with life.  Somewhere, somehow, she angered someone and she hasn’t an inkling who or how.

Frightening phone calls, death threats, and police investigating for clues turn Sarah’s life into sheer turmoil. Another dream about Wolf adds even more confusion, and best friend, Marie, who is staying with Sarah until the culprit is caught doesn’t take things too seriously until the caller obviously knows all about her, too.

 A murdered policeman, a stranger who seems to know everything about Sarah’s past, present and future, makes the danger astonishingly real. Will the police discover the person who eventually kidnaps Sarah, and will they save her before the killer sends her soul to the great beyond?  Has Wolf intervened from the grave to lend help in keeping his wife alive?  


Juliet Waldron said...

I have to say Michelle can knock 'em out of the park! For this cover--it's special!

Kathy Fischer-Brown said...

Beautiful cover, Ginger. Kudos to Michelle. I love Sarah and hope her story FINALLY has its HEA :-)

Unknown said...

I'ts a nice cover! you are so beautiful Sarah Hope!
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